Wednesday, 27th April 2011

Had been craving for 2 things in the past coupla weeks - WonTon (not even the noodles :P but since it came with it.. why not) and Nuggets.

Therefore, am in the search to try and find the best WonTon mee around! Have definitely already tried a coupla places but since it was not blogger about - I will start afresh! :P First stop? Damansara Kim. I did not take down the name of the coffee shop but it's the one that is further away from EuroDeli.

Photo doesn't quite do justice for the noodles. I had already mixed it around once. Therefore, there is a few more pieces of charsiew to what you see in the photo. :P Also, forgot to take a photo of the WonTon! *face palm* (Damn fail right considering WanTon is supposedly my main focus and not the noodles?!)

Anyways, noodle was only okay. The black sauce did not seem to have any taste making the noodles quite tasteless. The charsiew on the other hand was actually not bad. And the WonTon? It came in a small bowl with only 2 WonTon's. I think the lady had forgotten to mix up her pork mince because 1 of them (which was the first one I ate) had no taste at all while the other was REALLY salty. Having said that, for those who know me or have been reading my blog, I am one who fancies salty food and the 2nd WonTon had actually boosts some points for this stall. :P

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