Saturday, 23rd April 2011,

I know this is kinda late to blog about the Energizer Night Race considering it has gotten so much grief from the media since the race. But thought I should just blog about my experiences for the night.

Left the house with my sister and bro-in-law at about 6ish to Sepang and only arrive at about 7.15-7.20?? Kind our fault slightly cause I think we ended up taking the wrong turn and went through the back way which definitely took us a longer time to reach. Anyways, once we got there and parked, only did we realise we had to walk another erm.. 500m - 1km to reach the building. We needed to pee so badly so badly so we quickly used the toilet. We then continued to cross what everyone calls the "tunnel of death". Once on the other side, first thing we saw was that ALL the headlights were gone. Which was our first dissapointment (not a big one but still). Me and sister was just thinking should Energizer know how many people registered? Anyway, didn't really phase us. So we just continued.

Me and bro-in-law were doing the half mara. Once we got there, we heard on the PA system that it was going to start soon ON the track itself. But there was SOOO many people and NO signage on where to go, we were kinda lost for a second. Me and bro-in-law was rushing to try and get to the start line before they started. They started counting down.. I got so desperate I ended up just jumping over the fence. :P We managed to catch our breathes for a min or 2 before the race actually started but the walk FROM the carpark to the starting line already got us sweating!

Anyway, horn went off and we started. We started moving.. but VERY SLOWLY though! To the point that bro-in-law asked to confirm whether we had started. What was holding the line was because we all had timing chips, we ALL had to squeeze through a small lane to make sure we had ran over the mats! I'm sure it took us a good 3 minutes from where we were standing to actually get through the small lane.

Anyway, for the 21km runners, our route was to do 1 large loop outside and then 2 loops inside the track. My outer loop was pretty good - enough water stations (which was all that mattered to me in a run). Only thing I have to complain about was that although they had water stations, they only had 2 tiny tables which resulted to everyone crowding around the tables just to get a drink! Drink stations are just meant to be on the go and shouldn't have a need for people crowding and waiting. I had to even pour my own drink. Anyways, as I was saying. Apart from the small tables, I was quite happy with the run. I was doing good time and was pretty satisfied with the number of drink stations therefore I didn't drink much thinking that I could get more in the next one.

Once we got to the circuit though was a totally different story. Circuit was quite a hard route to run for me actually. Having being able to see the grand stand (which was the start of the loop) the whole time kinda played mind tricks on me thinking that it was just around the corner. Apart from that, it was quite hilly as well! Lastly, there was only 1 drink stop in the WHOLE track which was a 5km loop! Add mind games + hilly + 1 drink stop = total FAIL for me. And that was my only issue with the run. When I finished, I really felt like I couldn't breathe. Felt like I was going to pass our or vomit at the same time. Not sure if that's even possible but that's how I felt.

Everyone had complained about riots during goodie bag pick up etc but I was still doing my run then, so am not sure what happened. I saw the line yes - I heard the lady over the PA system yes. But did not see anything else.

Sorry - really lengthy blog without pictures huh?? Couldn't take any photos cause had left the phone in the car. Anyway, finished my run in really poor timing. Was really not happy with self. Had to walk pretty much the last loop cause I was dying. Left me with a pretty demoralising feeling right after the run and have not ran since that night.

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