Tuesday, 12 April 2011,

For those who remember, me and my bf made a new year resolution to try and go out station at least once  month. It is now April, and we have only done it twice - once in Feb to Aus and last Sunday, to Seremban. I guess I went to Penang in March but I personally think it shouldn't count cause I didn't go with him.

Anyways, why Seremban? Because there's this food court above the Seremban wet market which serves really nice awesome Hakka noodles. The first time I went there was after a hiking trip in Broga in 2009! Store is called Tow Kee and the wet market is located on Jalan Pasar. Why is it so special? My bf swears that they boil the noodles in pig lard because the "sauce" is slightly thicker than your usual. How true that is, I'm not sure. All I know is that it is super yummy. Even ta pau-ed 10 packets to bring home!! Haha!

What's terrible about this place is that because it's situated above the wet market, getting to the shop is seriously a struggle! The place REALLY stinks and I mean really!! I seriously felt like puking when I got there. The bottom floor smells fishy and when you go upstairs, next to toilets - OMG *puke*. Smelt like the toilet hadn't been washed in years! Doesn't help much that there is a HUGE drain like just outside the market. 

Moving along - I forgot to bring my camera again (sucky blogger huh?), so all credits to photos below goes to Google Images ya!

Photo of the market from outside

Photo of the stall

 Photo of the delicious bowl of Hakka noodles!

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