Friday, 29th April 2011

Bumblebee finally had his wash last weekend - after probably close to 9 months going with out one! :P In that 9 months, I've had to take my doggies to and from houses, perhaps to the vet as well a coupla times. Mum also takes it to the market btw. :P Dun judge me! Imma girl! Which girl washes their own car?! Plus, have been complaining to bf that I wanted to take it for a wash for the longest time and he only took me to this place that was near his house last weekend! So not my fault! Blek!

But yea, car was getting really bad. Dust was all over the place. And worse part was I had dog fur EVERYWHERE! Until the point that I was so shy to use my car for anything besides transporting me and my bf. If it's anyone else, I'll try and get them to drive instead! :P

Anyway, so Bumblebee is nice and shinny now. Not bad for RM10 job which includes vacuum. Only thing I can say was that the guys probably didn't want to clean it properly because they kinda knew what fur was stuck on my matts etc. But either way, it's way cleaner now. :P Now all I need is an air refreshner to mask the smell of my doggies. Hekekeke.. :P

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