Sunday, 1st May 2011

Happy labour day! And tomorrow is a holiday - yay! :P

*Spoiler alert*

Damn syok sendiri. Getting back to the title of the blog. Managed to go and watch Source Code with a coupla of colleagues from work.

Bf made me skeptical about this movie because apparently he seen the trailer and thought that this movie would have kinda been another Adjustment Bureau. (ie. love story-ish). Although there were some elements of the movie that made me go wtf because it was just so sudden (particular when it came to Jake Gyllenhall and the chica in the movie)

Anyway, starring Jake Gyllenhall and a few other characthers I don't know, (:P) This movie starts with Jake waking up in a moving train and in someone elses body (think Quantum Leap - for those who haven't seen this, go Google :P). He panics as he's unsure what or how he got there. The next thing you know, the train blows up and he ends up in a small shuttle with a lady officer trying to talk to him and get information on what he had just seen.

It turns out that Jake was actually a soldier fighting in Afghanistan. The lady officer then tries to jolt his memory by doing a few memory exercises. He later finds out that he was being sent on a mission to try and find the bomber of that particular train he was in as there was another threat of a nuclear explosion. How was he going to do that?

The US Govt. had created a programme called the Source Code, that allows them to send someone (in this case, was Jake) to take over someone's body in his or her last eight minutes of life. What they didn't know though was that it was actually more than that! Won't wanna spoil it for you guys but you will just have to watch the movie for yourself! Trailer for movie below!

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