Thursday, 5th August 2010

Day started out early. Woke at like 6ish so that I could get ready - wash hair, do some last minute packing, etc. Had to be at bf's place at bout 8 so that I could wake his ass up and leave for the airport at bout 8ish cause flight was at 11ish which meant we needed to be there at bout 9ish. Anyway, check out my luggage!

Haha! for those who can't see properly.. it's a cabin bag (with my clothes) inside my empty suitcase!! Muahahahaha! 

Anyway, reached the airport at about 9ish? Checked in and went to get some breakfast in Marry Brown. Don't know why people actually go to Marry Brown. Didn't think the food was nice and the cleanliness of the place was terrible! There were flies flying ALL over our table and food! Bf ordered the sausages and the sunny side up and the egg felt like it was plastic! I ordered the nuggets and they were not bad but like bf said, nobody can go very wrong with nuggets.

Pic of bf eating my nugget :P

Some random shots of us. Does this pose look familiar? :P 

Haha! I thought the pose looked kinda similar. Photo above was taken when we were in Genting. 

Photo of us (and some random chic) walking to the plane. 

Arrived Bangkok at bout 12ish (Thailand time - they are 1 hour behind us) and after going through immigration (which took forever btw) and customs, we headed straight for the hotel. As we were leaving the airport, bf pointed out a freakin' huge ass billboard (which he saw the last time he went for business trip). Check it out!

Freakin' Samsung LED billboard was like farking long! Haha! The 2nd pic above couldn't even take the whole length of the billboard. :S

By the time we got done and settled, it was already 2ish - 3. We ventured outside our hotel for some hawker food. We had super yummay beefball noodles!! The soup tasted like it was bak kut teh soup! Haha.. Oh! And they gave super alot meat as well..


Before we came, everyone we told we were going to Bangkok told us to go to Platinum mall which is apparently like a wholesale shopping MALL and the prices are comparable to Jatujak (which is like a super huge ass, cheap weekend market). So we decided to go there after lunch. Called my uncle along the way, and he said that a taxi would cost us about 60 bht but I thought since we were there and thinking that the MRT/BTS would be cheaper, we chose to take the trains. Boy, did I make the worse mistake during the trip. Haha! Before we headed out from the hotel, we asked the receptionist to circle on the map (like true tourist fashion) where this mall was. And from the looks of it, it looked pretty close to the BTS/MRT station (which was one of the reasons we took it in the first place). Freakin' hell took us like 1 HOUR to get there because we had to walk like 20 - 30 mins!! 

But when we got there, woah.. it was levels after levels after levels of clothes! After a while, all the clothes looked similar! Haha! didn't even know where to start! But we managed to buy quite a lot of things from there - mostly souvenirs but bf managed to score a pair of shorts. I was pretty good - don't think I bought anything for myself there. Oh wait! Besides a belt I think.. :P

We met up with my uncle for dinner after that. I requested he took us to this place where they brew their own beer. Not for me though - don't drink beer usually anyways - it was more for my bf. Also remembered that the food was not bad there and people told us that there are usually cabaret shows while u're eating as well, so yea. The place is called Tawandang German Brewery

Signage outside the place.

The roof of the place even looks like a keg. 

Photos of crispy pork knuckle and also pork ribs. Hands down the best dishes for the night. 

Above are just photos of where the beer is brewed and also the distillers. Distillers were placed right in the middle of the bar which is pretty much at the the middle of the restaurant. 

After dinner, we went to Suan Lum night market. Managed to get somemore souvenirs and bf managed to pick up a linen top with a golden/brown dragon on one side. I was still very good and did not get anything for myself yet. Didn't walk for very long in this place because quite a few shops were not open. This place was apparently suppose to close down because the land got bought over by the Australia embassy but most of the locals have refused to budge. 

Photo with my uncle and aunt.

So that's Day 1 of my holiday. Day 2 coming up soon! =)

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On August 6, 2010 at 12:36 PM , dogbone said...

didn't go test power @ the sharks fin place ka?

On August 6, 2010 at 8:51 PM , Li Yen Lim said...

haha.. didn't.. no time!! :P


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