Sunday, 22 August 2010

NB: Not even going to give you a spoiler alert because serioues, this show has nothing to be spoilt. :P
Went to watch The Expendables the other day after having Japanese buffet with my friends in the Equatorial Hotel. We were celebrating my friend's, Nicky butt's bday and also kinda like Yee Boon's cause we didn't have a chance to meet up with her during her bday. :P

Anyways, Nick had already booked us all tickets to the movie in Pavillion and that's where we headed after lunch.

When me and my bf saw the poster (not the one above - but the one which features all the faces of the cast), we knew instantly that the movie will be only full of action. And that it was! For those who don't know, the cast includes action veterans like including Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie was a whole lot of "bang bang bang" and felt like it was 6 rambo guys put together to make this movie (although I don't really remember what Rambo was about). These 6 people could even freakin' take down a WHOLE army without getting hurt! WTF! Oh, best part about it was, whatever dialogue they had (which was not much) in the movie, it felt like it wasn't even written and it kinda given the cast a free hand on what they wanted to say because everything didn't make sense! It was a lot of 1 liners or alot of lines which STILL didn't make sense.

Having said all that, I guess the movie was alright - in a sense that it managed to generate some talkability (alebit not good ones). Because, that's all we were talking about during dinner and how crap the movie was. LOL! Ok la, ok la, need to give face to the veteran action movie stars - the movie would be perfect for guys cause all they did was just blast things up! :D

Anyway, trailer for movie below:

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