Saturday, 14th August 2010

*NB: Photos will look kinda sucky cause they were taken with my BB because I didn't bring my camera.

Went out for dinner with bro and his family, and dad last night and went to this place called Kafe Indulge off Old Klang Road. Think mum first heard of this place when it was featured in the newspapers earlier this year. Since then, this is my 2nd time back although I think my family has been back a few more times than me.

Place is nothing special (ie. no special deco etc.) but food is decent and affordable too.

For starters, we ordered the Ceasars Salad to share and dad ordered an Oxtail Soup.

Ceasar Salad was decent. Had good quantities of cheese on it so it was quite yummy. The Oxtail soup on the other hand was different. The texture was more like curry than soup. Have never had Oxtail soup like this before. It was also quite tasty and it came with 2 pieces of meat inside.

For the mains, we ordered:

German Bratwurst (is that how u spell it? :P) with mash potato and saurkraut

Beef ribs with chips served with what tasted like black pepper BBQ sauce. I particularly liked this dish because they did it quite nicely. Meat was tender and easy to get off the bone. Sauce was also generous which is always a plus for me especially if the sauce is yummy. =) 

Lamb shank served with carrots and potatos

The last main, I didn't manage to get but it was just Spaghetti Carbonara with beef. It was served with 2 piece of garlic bread as well. And for desert, we ordered, 

Cheesecakse with chocolate drizzle on the top. And also some apple something. Can't remember what it's called. 

Do not have the individual pricing, but the whole meal for 4 people came up to (all the above, including 2 drinks) RM115. Dad even brought his own wine which they didn't charge corkage for. =) 

Comments (2)

On August 22, 2010 at 11:04 AM , dogbone said...

Ugh the bangers and mash + ribs just look so awesome. ><

On August 22, 2010 at 11:20 AM , Li Yen Lim said...

bangers and mash okok only.. ribs not bad.. =) can go there and try 1 day..


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