Tuesday, 31st August

Just a short one. Remember the time when I blogged about Salt here? Haha.. well, I have something which I kinda (sorta) came up with myself.. :P

Me and bf went DVD shopping last weekend in SS2. The dudes there are always introducing shows to us (obviously to get a sale). So he was like randomly calling movie titles out,

The Killers,
Green Zone,
The Orphan,
etc. (btw, these titles are not exactly what the dude named)

And then he finally cam to "Salt". Then bf answered, "yea, we watchd it" but I immediately blasted out (in cantonese), "mhm gao wu jiu funn!"

Haha! so so?! Who's do you thinks is better? No dout, bf came up with the concept of it but I though saying it in cantonese was a whole different ball game. It even sounds funnier than his "not enough pepper". :P

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On September 3, 2010 at 5:23 PM , Lish said...

welll.. did dvd seller dude get your joke?! did he say "lei oi mm oi tei yim"?



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