Saturday, 7th August 2010

Tips while travelling learnt after day 1?

- Check if the one of the hotel services includes a shuttle to the freakin' MRT/BTS station!

Photo of our shuttle. LOL! If only we found this out on Day 1. We would have saved ALOT of walking.

Haha! Bf found this out as we were walking out of the hotel to go across the road to 7-11 to get a tube of toothpaste because both of us forgot to bring ours. Anyway, by the time we got ready, left the hotel and got to Jatujak (the super huge weekend market I was talking about earlier) at about 9ish? This place has literally everything under the sun - from clothes, to furniture, to pets, to erm.. aiyah.. anything! you name it, they have it! You just have to find it. Didn't take very many photos though. Would have loved to take a picture of the map of the whole place but I couldn't find it this time around. but check out this Sharpei (is that how u spell it?) we saw!

Can't even see the fella's eyes! Haha!

Anyway, walked till about 12ish there - had lunch at one of the stalls and had some super spicy minced pork with basil. The waiter looked at me and started laughing because I was sweating all over. LOL! Then we left. Aunt had told us to go to this other mall which apparently sells really cheap shoes called Union mall which was about 2 train stops away. So we did but didn't find much there so uncle and aunt told us to walk over to Central Lat Prao. Haha! For some reason, this whole trip, me and bf kept taking the long way to get to things. LOL! Eg. when we were trying to get to Platinum mall, going to BTS/MRT when there's a freakin shuttle, getting to Central Lat Prao - we walked through the subway instead of walking straight to the place etc. Haha!

Anyways, walked around a little there, tried to get massages but they were all full - must be because it was a Sunday. Decided to go back to the hotel because bf had to get some work done. He worked while I slept. :P Then went out for dinner again with uncle. 

This time, they took us to this shop in a tiny lane. The place is called Polo Fried Chicken. And apparently this place is actually in the lonely planet for Bangkok. As we were walking to our seats, we scouted out all the other tables and they ALL had a plate of fried chicken on their table. Woah! me and bf was getting excited! Haha... Uncle ordered heaps but they were all soooo yummy..  

 Photo of the menu. Once again, don't know why the photo would not rotate.

Close up of the address because I'll never know how to take you back there. :P

Photo of the fried chicken! *drool* The stuff on top was like fried garlic and something else. I don't usually eat fried garlic but this with the chicken - OMG... *faints*

Laarb Gai a.k.a Mince Chicken with Basil.

Somtum a.k.a papaya salad. We ordered 2 of this in the end. 2nd time we asked them to add salted egg. Think I prefered that better. Hehe..

Some slice pork stuff. Can't remember what this was called. Kinda tasted like char siew.

After all that food, uncle and aunt even ordered us desert! We had cincau with brown sugar. Din manage to get a picture of that though. It was quite yummay as well.. :P Can anyone guess how much that meal costed us? There was 5 of us (aunt brought a friend along), 5 dishes, 4 deserts, 4 bottles of water, and a small little tub of sticky rice. 

*drum roll*

Only freakin' 550 bht!! Which is equivalent to about only RM55 bucks! WTF! You ate like that here and that would have easily cost you like RM100 bucks! Haha! me and bf were shocked! I seriously had my jaw down and eye wide open in disbelief. 

Anyway, had a early night that day. So we just went back to the hotel and just chilled. 

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