Friday, 27 August 2010

Sorry guys. Another M.I.A week. Bad month I guess. Told myself I'd try and blog every other day but it seems like i'm blogging every other week more like it. Haha! Next month! I promise I'll try! :P

Anyways, reason for why I haven't done anything this week is due to a few reasons:
1) Work has been hectic
2) I've been too busy with the below!


Something me and my sister started out. What is it? An online maternity clothes store! All started when my sister was pregnant and she was shopping around for maternity dresses and found out that all the nice ones are usually really expensive! So that got her motivated. And me? I've alway wanted to start something on my own. So here it is! :D So do check it out if you guys have the time!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the most up-to-date information about us. (P/s: There is something brewing in the pot.)

We've also been featured in a local lifestyle website called Iamchiq. See our article here.

Last but not least! Do try and take advantage of our launch promotion which will be ending in 4 days!

So c'mon, flaunt that baby bump!

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