Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bf talking to sister: We watched Salt the other day

Bf's sister: Oh, how was it?

Bf: It needed some pepper.

Liyen: Shakes head and faints at the side.

LOL! I'll leave it up to everyone to think what they want about the comment. Haha! Anyway, as per the usual:

*Spoiler alert - please do not continue reading if you would not like to know any content of the show whatsoever. However, will also try to give my opinion without revealing too much (if that's possible)*

Salt featuring Angelina Jolie. Wasn't actually too keen on the movie for some reason however because there were no other shows available, we decided to watch this instead. If not mistaken, think me and bf went out to try and get tickets to Inception (which we now have seen - review to come later). 

Well, judging from my bf's conversation above, don't think he liked the movie too much. He thought the movie was predictable and only had just mindless action the whole way through. I on the other hand, didn't think it was that bad though. Kinda already expected Angelina Jolie to be like the hero of it all. For the feminist, I guess they'll be happy cause she kinda kills everyone along the way but not sure how I feel about that. Just a tad too much I think. 

Movie kinda really begins when Salt had to interrogate a Russion spy only to reveal a little secret that she now has to run for her life. ROFL! I guess I kinda gave that away already huh? LOL! Well, just in case I didn't, I guess you have to watch the movie to find out. And for those who know what I'm talking about, well, then you just have to watch the movie to see what happens in the end. LOL! This being cryptic thing isn't working too well here. LOL! Gahh! Here's the trailer. See for yourself! :P

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