Friday, 20 August 2010

I once had a aim to blog every other day for the month of August but I guess that didn't work. Haha! And the reason I have been missing this whole week? See below:

Haha! Anybody recognise this interface?! LOL! It's UFO Xcom Enemy Unknown! When my bf told me that his friend had managed to find the game and downloaded it, he tried explaining it to me but it was still a blur. After seeing the interface above though, I got so excited! Haha! I used to watch my brother play this game when I was a kid and even had a go at it myself! So yea, bf installed it and have been playing this the whole week!

Besides this, also have been occupied with something else. I'll post a blog about it once it's ready! Haha! Till then, hopefully I'll get inspired to blog about something else first in between! :D Laters..

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