Monday, 1 February 2010

Thank for a long weekend! My weekend went by so fast, it's not even funny but somehow felt that I have accomplished nothing! Haha! My bf on the other did! Went to Ikea on Saturday to try and get some furniture for my room. Didn't want to anything big/drastic because I think my parents are still thinking of getting an interior designer to help us build stuff. So, after 2 hours of walking around, I actually decided to pick up a Billy book shelf. My dear bf then had to slave away to put it up for me =) Thank you! Did not manage to take any photos though.. damn! Would have been a good photo opportunity. Oh well, do have a photo of the finished product though.

Haha! And yes, so far I have populated it with 2 books, 1 photo frame, 1 DVD folder and some old boxes which contain pokemon cards. Speaking of which, does anybody wanna buy some pokemon cards? Haha! Don't know what to do with them anymore. Kinda of a waste to chuck them away. Anyway, so yea, my room is getting there - very very very slowly but surely. Everyday I pack like a few items here a way, a few items there away.. eventually I'll get there.. =P

Oh btw, that spot where the bookshelf is now, is not where we originally wanted to put it. Ikea furniture being ikea furniture, it was not very stable. So, instead, we had to swap the position of the shelf. It is now stuck in between my wall and the bed. Which I think works out pretty well I guess, cause I was originally thinking of getting a bedside table for that end but because of the shelves, it can double up as a bedside table too! =D Now for a little light that can clip on the bed so that I can do some reading (when I do some reading =P)

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