Friday, 29 January 2010

So I managed to score some tickets to Fame the movie on Wednesday night. I've always known Fame as the musical and I've heard stories that it wasreally good. However, never had the chance to go watch it at all. And now the movie is out?! Haha! I did not even know that they were coming out with the movie.

Anyway, was looking for the poster so that I can stick it on this post which I have done so. Actually, not even sure if this is the official poster because while searching, because of it's history - it being a musical and also a series (which I did not know about), there were so many different kinds of posters!

But look what else I managed to find! Haha! Variations of the poster to showcase the different individuals in the movie! Took me ages to find them. For some reason, alot of the posters could not be downloaded. Anyway, then me and bf managed to find a gif. file which had all the below posters but I did not want to post that up and constantly have something blinking on the post. Haha!

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. Although I have to say that I did not expect the songs to be so hip-hop-ish. I thought the songs would be more like the actual "Fame" song and not compared to songs from Phantom of the Opera or something. Having said that, this is coming from a person that has not seen or know anything about Fame. Although, did ask my boss because she used to watch the series and she said that it has been modernised alot but it was still good! So, am guessing that the storyline didn't change much? The one thing that I did not really like was that they didn't really build on the characters. But I think I should stop talking here because I reveal too much for those who haven't seen it huh? =P And one more thing, would have loved to see more dancing or singing!

Okay! Got to get ready for work! Haha!

*edit* So stupid.. purposely took picture of the tickets we got but didn't post it up! Haha! Anyways, picture of tickets below:

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