Tuesday, 2 February 2010

So the long weekend came and went - fast like the wind. From my last post, you all should know that I went to Ikea to get myself a bookshelf and that pretty much took the rest of the afternoon including putting together or rather my bf took the rest of the afternoon to put it together =P. Sunday came and went too! Haha! Yes - we made Pineapple Jam Tarts! My sister's maid had already made the jam, so all we had to do do the cookie base! And I have to say, they actually taste nice! However, the most important part of the cookie is the jam and that wasn't made by me so I guess that doesn't say much! Hehe! =P Anyways, some photos for viewing pleasure again:

*eeik* Check out how much butter we used and how much was left!

The wonders of a cake mixer! Yum yum butter! =P

So no more  
because of this ------>; 

Hehe! And no! That is not MY mixer at home. That is a KitchenAid - only the best cake mixer! One of those cost like thousand and thousands of dollars!

Hehe! Our very own creation - Pineapple Hambuger Tarts! LOL! This was because the first batch we did was just 1 layer and the jam on the top but when it came out, we reliased that it did not have enough cookie taste so we slapped on another layer on the top!

Names: Serena & Andy - Sister's best friend and husband

And wah-lah! The final product! Looks pretty good huh?! I think the picture makes it look better though =P But they seriously taste pretty good!

Next baking adventure? Still have some leftover jam, so will have to make another batch or half a batch of tarts. But after that, it should be chocolate chip cookies round 2!

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On February 3, 2010 at 12:19 PM , Lish said...

they do taste good! :) yummyyyy... :))) makes a difference the cookie.... i let u taste the earlier batch that anis made.


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