Sunday, 20 February 2010

So my sister watched New Moon yesterday. So I can finally blog about it. Bought it on DVD maybe about a month ago but didn't have the chance to watch it till about a coupla days ago. I know, I'm slow! And alot of you had already probably seen it already but what the heck - going to blog about it anyways because it got me quite flustered at the end. Quality of the DVD was not that good.. and the subtitles that came with it was worse. But yet, funny at the same time. Haha!

For those who don't know, I refused to read the book yet until I watched the movie because that's what I did for the first one and I quite enjoyed the first one which made me want to read the book. After reading it, I actually saw the movie again, and I felt that there were alot of parts where they chopped of bits and pieces of infomation which I thought would be a good to know.Thus, didn't enjoy it as much the 2nd time round.

I don't know if the above is the official movie poster or not cause it has been so that long that I don't even remember what the poster looked like. So anyway, compared to the last one, this show definitely has more to see in terms of *ahem* guys. LOL! Jacob was such a hottie especially after he got a hair cut. And when he transformed into the wolf (which I thought was pretty cool)... all I wanted to do was just rub their fur. LOL! They looked like they were nice and soft. Haha! 

Anyway, apart from that.. (getting side tracked here), I thought the story line was okay. The fight scenes were not bad. Felt like it didn't have much of a climax and even if it did, it climaxed for like 5 minutes or something.. the Volturi people let them go WAYYYY too easily. And the ending?? Maybe it was just my DVD because it didn't come with credits.. so basically just went to a black screen after Edward said "would you marry me?" What kind of stupid ending was that?! Why the heck would he say that?! At the end? I thought it would have been better if they stopped it at both of them wanting to fight each other. And why would they freakin' need to get married?! Far out, if he's going to bite her already, and she's becoming a vampire.. what the hell does that matter?! She's freakin' WILLING to be a vampire because of you.. do you think she's care whether she's your wife?! Gahh!! haha.. sorry.. but I really think it's stupid! 

My bf was quite tickled at how I was so flustered. LOL! Gah! anyhow, guess now I can start on my book again. If I can find it. LOL! All my things are all over the place. So yea... 

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