Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hello! Just a short post to wish everyone Happy New Year as my bf is taking a short nap before we head out and brave the traffic and madness of people. Hehe! Tonight on our agenda (for now) is dinner at this ribs place called Riblee's at Hartamas. You guys have to check it out! The pictures in there will definitely make you drool! I went there once with my team for our little orgy (haha! Yes, our team calls our catch up/bonding session lunch outings orgy. A few more random facts about our team - me and Jamie are known as the right and left ovary respectively)

Oh! Bf woke up.. and we should get going anyways. Probs gonna take us forever to get anywhere.

So guys,


See you all next year! =)
Monday, 28 December 2009, 11.58PM (So, by the time I am done with this post, it'll be 29 Dec 2009)

So my bf managed to get us free tickets to watch Sherlock Holmes. The only downside to it was that it was in Berjaya Times Square - right smack in the middle of town. I thought, "hey, tickets are free to a good movie, let's not waste it". So we left work early (around 6ish) because we didn't know how bad the traffic would be and we had to pick up the tickets at 7.45pm (movie was at 8.30)

On the way there, my bf decides to call someone about work and starts talking for about erm... 5 minutes? Next thing we know, we get flagged down by a policeman for being on the phone. Hehe! Luckily enough, we managed to get away without a ticket nor having to pay any 'kopi' money. =P

We got to the Times Square at bout 7.30 and decided we could grab a quick bite to eat before collecting the tickets and the movie. Having been there less than 5 times in my entire life for the both of us, we didn't know what Times Square had to offer and therefore we looked for the directory. After going through the list, we decided to try some Ramen noodles in Mr. Ramen.

Picture of the place. If not mistaken, I was sitting directly opposite this sign as well.

The place was in a deserted little corner with only a few tables occupied. I guess that should have been an indication of how nice the place was but we were oblivious. We proceeded to look at the menu and sit down to order our food. Bf decided to order Miso Ramen and Cincau as a drink and me, Black Pepper Udon and Ice Lemon Tea.

The drinks came pretty quick. I took a sip out of my drink and it tasted pretty good. As I kept drinking though, I felt something in the drink. I took a look inside the glass to find little black spots at the bottom of my glass which I couldn't tell whether it was actual tea leaves or dirt. We called the guy over to tell him and without saying anything, he took my glass and wanted to change it for me. As he was walking away, I looked down to the ground and saw a COCKROACH walking towards me! OMG! I freakin' freaked! For those who do not know, I freakin' hate cockroaches. I think my worse nightmare would be to stuck in a room/bathtub/area where there was cockroaches everywhere!

Anyway, I jumped up and walked away while the waiter tried to step on it! At the stage, I was getting very uneasy and uncomfortable. Now, the black stuff in my drink seemed to be more probable that it could have been dirt! Anyway, he came back with my drink. I checked the bottom of the glass again and I THINK it still had SOME specks of dirt but decided not to worry about it giving them the benefit of the doubt that it could REALLY be tea leafs.

Then our food came. My bf's ramen came first and he told me to try it first. So I did. I picked up my chopsticks, took some noodles and shoved it into my mouth. My face changed instantly. Not only did the ramen not taste nice, the ramen noodle itself tasted like MUSHY CARDBOARD! OMG! It was the WORST noodles and gross-est food I've ever tasted! What the hell?! Who serves food like that?! I don't know how long that store has been opened, but they definitely SHOULD NOT BE OPEN ANYMORE! God! I won't be surprised if me and my bf get stomach ache tonight or tomorrow! Anyway, then mine came - Black Pepper Udon. It was alright - noodle wise. At least it was not mushy. But taste wise, *shakes head*. It tasted like nothing even though my noodles seemed to have been covered in blackish sauce. My bf in the end went to take some soya sauce for us to add into our food and surprisingly enough, I think we fixed the taste of BOTH our meals. Far out, they should just hire us!

Anyway, by far the worst dinner I've had in like... geez, I don't even know the last time I had such bad food! I didn't want to finish my food and my bf even said "wow, it must suck really bad for you to not finish your food huh?" and yes - the answer to that is YES! Gah! Please please PLEASE, DO NOT go there for food at ANYTIME - even if you're like starving to death!

Was gonna do a little review about Sherlock Holmes but got carried away with Mr. Ramen. So think might just keep that for the next post. Sorry to be so wordy, but did not have any other pictures to post up.
Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas everybody! I know this is a day late but better than never right? What did everyone get up too during Christmas eve? Wanna know what I did?! Haha! In all defense, me and bf were trying to get our asses to 1U but it was freakin' impossible to get any parking! Think we were going around for like 20 mins! So we gave up in the end. We were suppose to go back to his place and get a lift there instead but we fell asleep! Haha! Anyways, then, I woke up and played this (see picture below) pretty much the whole night - LOL!

Yes - I am now addicted to sims. LOL. Although I do not think I am doing a good job but at least I am not killing my whole family. The last time I played it was years ago and somehow I managed to kill my parents, my kids didn't have anyone to support them, so they eventually died. My house went on fire and a car ran over my dog. Lol! Nothing of that kind has happened to me yet, so whoopidooo for me! Haha!

Anyway, then on Christmas day, my parents decided to move into our new house. So was moving stuff and doing the normal rituals in the morning. Had a lunch thing at a friend's place after and then a unplanned trip to "Tokyo". For those who are thinking, no - not Japan. It's this overpriced seafood place in Selayang where they do really good caramalised prawns soaked in oil. LOL! When all of us finished, all of us felt like some artery was blocked. But they were good though. This time however, the prawns we got were alot smaller than the ones we got the last time and they were pricey as heck!

Photo of prawnie. You can't see it, but below those prawns, is ALL oil! *yum yum* :P

I actually wanted to go vegetarian after those prawns - at least for like a day or something but I don't think that's going to happen. I have my meals all planned out for me this whole weekend already! :S I guess, new years resolution - here we come! LOL! Anyways, forgot to bring my camera yesterday, so hopefully will remember this time and have more photos to post up in the next extry which is hopefully after the weekend.

Once again, Merry Christmas everybody! And have a Happy New Year! :D
Monday, 21 December 2009

So I went to see Storm Warriors last Saturday night with my BF. Our initial plan was to catch Avatar but we couldn't get tickets. We have heard reviews from friends that the movie was a huge let down as there was no story line and that what you see on the previews is what you get for the whole movie yadah yadah yadah but there was nothing else to watch so we thought what the heck. Mind you, even Princess and the Frog was sold out that night - haha! I was actually quite dissappointed to hear that the show was crap because it was the long awaited sequel. It has been 10 years since the last one and to be honest, I quite liked the 1st one. Haha.. Apart from the fact that they had leng chais in it. Hehe!

Anyway, when we walked into the movie, I already had my expectations down so I guess when I came out of it, I was like "meahhh, okayy..." but boy was my BF peeved! LOL! He started complaining about the movie as soon as the credits started till we got home to his place! This was a total of maybe hmm.. 15 minutes? LOL! But he did do the funniest facial reactions when he was angry.

Anyway, summary of movie is: 

1. There was no storyline. And whatever storyline they tried to create they didn't explain. :S
2. At the beginning of the movie, the movie felt like it was a 300 movie or a Sin City movie. Basically made it look very anime-ish which I really didn't like. Do not even like Sin City or Blood etc.
3. BF made a good point - movie felt like it was directed by 3 directors as there was like 3 different styles of shooting the movie - anime-ish part, special effects part, then there was all the kung fu stuff.
4. If all the slow motions were not used, think the movie could have been cut by like 30 mins.

Overall, a movie that I do not recommend watching. As much as I would like to say "need to watch, watch la at least once. It's been like 10 years since the first episode", I don't think I can because I might get chopped by people when they actually take my advice. Haha! So yea..

Friday, 18 December 2009

I can't believe my sister is blogging more than me! Haha! So I better get my ass moving and start blogging too eh?! Haha! So what's been up? This has been up:

We've been trying to find a home for this cute little thing which my maid brought home about maybe 2 weeks ago now. She apparently got it from her friend. Had been trying to get more info as to how, when, why they got her but her story was always unclear. Her name has changed from Siti, to Cookie, to Brownie, to Lucky, to now my maid calls her Cookie Brown. LOL.

When she first came, she was very timid, afraid of people, accept Fina, most probs because she was the one that fed her. However, after staying with her for a while, she's gotten better with people. She's also the only dog that can play Gracie. She doesn't mind getting squashed a little by Gracie's huge paws and she actually even tries to take a stab back at her!

Think my sister did a good job blogging about her progress, so will leave you with links to her write-ups:

1. Doggie Looking for Home
2. Doggie Looking for Home Part 2
3. Doggie Adoption Update

Think sister has added quite a few photos of her in her post already but for if anyone is interested, there's an album on Facebook that has her photos. Not sure if you'll be able to see it if you're not my sister's friend.

At one point, my maid's friend actually came to take her home because my dad did not want to keep her. But her friend said that she was going to take her back and just let her loose! How cruel! You can't just let a dog go loose! They'll die out there with all the cars! Plus, this doggie is actually quite smart. After only a few days, she already knows how to go out and come back to my house on her own! Although, whenever she does that, it gives me a heart attack because I'm always scared that she'll get run over by a car. My maid begs to differ. She says that she's smart and fast and will be able to run away from the cars. :S Anyways, then my dad's friend wanted to take her. My dad's friend doesn't actually have a good track record in the house. Most of us do not like him because of what he did to my dad before. Plus, looking at him now, we do not think he's capable of taking care of himself let alone a dog! So, we or rather I did not allow him to take it home.

Anyway, is anyone else interested?? Do let me know if anyone is! We've gotten her used to human contact and is getting better now! :D
Sunday, 13 December 2009

Happy birthday piggie!!!

Was trying to look for your photo of you doing a pig face (which I'm pretty sure you do) but couldn't seem to find it so this was the next best thing I could think of! Anyways, wishing you all the best and may all your wishes come through!! For those who would like to know how I met Mun Yee, it was the first few weeks of secondary school in Form 1. We were in the same BM class, coincidently, both of us forgot to bring our exercise books and we both got sent out of class. Haha! Look where that lead us?! 11 years of wonderful friendship! Yes - 11 years! It has been more than a decade already! Gosh, we're old!

Anyways, we went for dinner yesterday night to celebrate her b'day. Her actual b'day was on Thursday and I think she has been celebrating since then. She's probably had like 3 - 4 cakes already! Haha! Anyways, we ended up in Rakuzen - Plaza Damas in the VIP room! Somehow my friend managed to book that room. Apparently only meant to be big groups. We booked for 10 cause we were unsure how many of us were there and only 7 showed. Thank god they didn't kick us out of the room! Anyway, pretty decent food but slightly pricey. For the amount we paid, we could have added a little bit more and gotten buffet style! But oh wells! :D

Picture of the room below:

Hmm.. somehow doesn't seem as nice in the picture.. or does it? Haha!

Birthday girl blowing her candles with a smile! Haha! we cheated, she already blew it and we got her to pose again. :P

Look at the iTards! Haha! I have to say, the games in there are quite addictive. Actually makes me feel like getting an iPhone too but don't think I will. The novelty of the phone will probably die out on me plus I'll die of frustration trying to work the touch pad.

Lastly, group photo!!
P/s: If anyone knows where Ke Bin went this weekend, could you let us know because we couldn't seem to get to him.

P/s to Mun Yee: Owe you your b'day present first k? Sorry! Hehe..

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

So, I went for my half mara last Sunday and the results are already out! Below is just a snapshot of my results. Managed to do it in 2 hours and 41 mins! woohoo! Haha! It's slower than my last half mara but considering I did not train and plus, my ankle started to hurt after like 7km's, I think I'm pretty happy. Okay - I lie. I'm not happy. I was aiming for less than 2.5 hours. Oh well, have to start running seriously again next year!

My best friend was aiming for the Sundown mara next year in May. Don't know if I'll do it. Probs not because if I were to do it, I'll have to start training now! Haha! Which I don't think will happen. So will try and aim for either end of next year or 2011 cause that's when my sister is aiming to do hers as well. Hehe..

Anyway, couldn't walk after that! Was limping all around Singapore cause our flight wasn't till about 10pm that night! Haha...

Runner ID
Full Name
Gun Start Time
Chip Start Time
Chip Finish Time
Finish Time
Lim Li Yen

More results can be seen at :

Here are some photos from the day..

Me in action, but woah, a totally unglam photo of me! :(

Me and BF that came to support! =) Thanks hunny!

(Left to right) Kebs, Steph, and mua - WE DID IT GUYS! :D

Me giving my best friend the "look" cause she wanted to be "cool" cause she finished the half mara! Haha!

So yea, that was my weekend! Next run? Unsure.. think might want to let my ankle heal first before I start.

Sleepy, time to sleep. Nite guys! :D

Am waiting for my ride to work. Need to go in early to settle some stuff. So have just been sitting around in my room clicking on my laptop aimlessly. Trying to see whether Google picks up my blog but it doesn't! Haha! and I wonder why?!

Going to Singapore on Saturday! Wheee!! Got my Singapore half mara this weekend. Been looking forward to it for ages! But you know what sucks?! I went to do a 15km last weekend to see if my stamina could still take it and... the good new is, I finished! Meaning that during the run, I should be fine because usually adrenalin gets the better of you during race day. The bad news is, i freakin' hurt my ankle! :( My bf now won't let me run if it continues to hurt..

Oh please ankle! Heal up quick! Hehe..

I just realised something about my blog. I don't seem to categorise them at all. Am wondering whether I should start. But all my posts are pretty random. I wouldn't know where to being.. Hmmm... Like take this post for example, should I put it under "injury", "running", "bored", or even "random"? Haha!

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