Sunday, 2nd January

First of all - Happy New Year to everyone! And sorry for the long hiatus. Just been caught up with the year end holiday mood. :D

Resolutions for the new year?

1) Lose weight because I've been eating non-stop for the past 2 weeks and have put on more weight than I was at before the biggest loser
2) Visit some place (at least outstation) once a month

Anyways, since my last post - have just been catching up with friends. For Christmas eve, we celebrated it with my bf's friend's place in The Tropics. Bought us a turkey, roast beef and just ended up chilling/chatting the night away. For Christmas morning, I went to meet some of my friends. Was going to head to Tom Dick and Harry's but we didn't know it only opened at 10AM (and we got there at 9.30AM).

The staff was rude in telling us that they don't open till 10. And when we asked if we could just sit here and wait till they opened, they assured us 3 times to say that they will not serve us till then. Then, as we were just sitting down, they decided to blast the music out loud which in my opinion felt like they did it on purpose just to shoo us away. We left the place in the end and decided to head to this place called Departure Lounge in Damansara Uptown.

 The most unique thing about this place - Make your own breakfast. This place allows you to choose 3 iteams from the list for RM8.90, 5 items on the list for RM11.90 and 7 items for RM13.90. All come with bread which you are then allowed to upgrade to french toast.

Me, Mun Yee, and BK

Me and BF

Us playing Monopoly - they had a set lying around and I've always wanted to play monopoly again for the longest time so we started a game until the food came. :P 

Food wasn't fantastic though.. I ordered the Egg and Salmon omelette on bread. The bread was hard and the eggs and salmon was not fantastic. BF ordered the breakfast set with 5 items and again, nothing to shout about. Each order a drink and our bill for 2 people came up to RM42.00. Not bad for Christmas breakfast but I think if it was for a normal occasion, it might be slightly on the expensive side for me. :P

P/s: For those who were wondering about the title, it's because I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year first but then started to talk about what I did during Christmas. Haha.. :P

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