13th January 2010

*Warning - Spoiler alert*

Went to watch Gulliver's Travel 2 weekends ago with my friends in Tropicana City Mall. For those who don't know, this movie by Jack Black is actually loosely based on Gulliver's Travel - the 18th century novel.

What happens? Well, from the trailer, you already know that he went on a boat trip to the Bermuda Triangle and he gets caught in a freak storm. The next thing you know, he is strapped down in a place called Liliput by little men who at first takes him as a beast. But the minute he saves the King of Liliput by releasing himself (by pee-ing for those who didn't get me), he then gets treated like a king there too. He starts making up stories about him being the president and him being Jack from Titanic etc. But all good things come to an end and obviously people eventually find out that he was bluffing and he then gets banished to an island with giants. Lala - long story short, he manages to get back to Liliput and really defeats the evil general who took over the place and earns back the trust of all the tiny men.

What can I say about this movie? It was a typical Jack Black movie. It was funny and entertaining but only because they had silly/stupid jokes. The script? My bf swears that it was written by Jack Black because it's dumb as heck.

Anyways, trailer below. Enjoy. =)

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