17th January 2011, Monday

Before I start off, just realised that I freakin' backdated my last 2 blogs to 2010! Haha! So for everyone's sake and for mine, just so I know when I come back and read my blog 10 years from now that my last 2 blogs were meant to be in 2011.. :P

So anyways - Sammy's Adventure. Finally watched it on DVD a coupla nights ago in my bf's place.

The movie started out cute and promising. But judging from how I worded my last sentence, I think you know how this movie is going to turn out.

It was down right stupid and boring. The whole movie you could tell was definitely just made for the 3D effects. The story was just bleah, no climax, no nothing. It was like watching 1+ hours of nothing because the movie kinda ended in like 2 mins just as you thought something more exciting was going to happen. I was kinda ticked off in the end because it was like wtf?!

Gah! Anyways, just don't bother watching this movie if you're expecting some sort of nice story line like Finding Nemo. Watch it only unless you want to experience the 3D effects I guess.

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