Monday, 31st January 2010

1st day in Australia and had already crossed 2 items off my list of food. Will try and blog about all of them but this post is meant for the Red Rooster chips from Eastwood.

These red rooster chips in Eastwood is not the same as any other Red Rooster chips. I had to learn that the hard way. It was only then did I realise that the Eastwood joint was privately owned. First difference was that the chips in Eastwood were crinkle cut, the other joints were normal fat chips. Second difference was the chicken salt. The Eastwood chicken salt is to die for. I think that's like the best chicken salt I've taste so far!

Me and my friends used to get red rooster chips almost every week! So today, I went again with them.

It wasn't the same anymore. The large box felt like it shrunk and the chips - I don't know. Felt like something was missing. Even my friend said so. She figured that it was cause of the change of ownership of the store which she recognised immediately after stepping in cause of certain skin tones... (if you catch my drift).. :P

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