15 January 2010

Bf and I didn't know what to eat one night so we decided to go check out this placed called Darabif in Damansara Uptown. Bf's friend managed to buy a coupon from GroupsMore which costs RM2 and it entitles you to get a burger and fries AND a free membership card which usually costs RM15 for free. With this membership card, you are entitled to like 10-20% (I can't remember which it was) for purchases above RM20. The most exciting thing is that with this card, you also get access to their secret/special menu which is not on the normal menus at all.

This special menu had 3 extra burgers you could choose from. Not going to tell you the flavours cause then it ruins the surprise. Haha! Go get your own membership card. :P

Anyways, me and bf ordered the spicy chicken burger (left) and the wagyu beef burger (right).

It also came with fries (left) and the drink (right - it's more a closeup pic of the logo ON the drink:P )

Food was quite yummy. Both the burgers has very different sauces which made the burgers interested. The fries as well tasted like it was fried with some extra herbs. Our meal came up to RM16.00 even with the coupon. A normal set without the coupon is roughly about RM10 for a single pattie burger and RM12-RM14 for double pattie burgers. The special menu burger sets are at RM16.00 which was what had to pay for as it was a top up from the coupon.

Oh! Last but not least, you could also choose your patties - whether you wanted them lean or juicy. They had this paper (above) as placemats on the trays telling which part of the beef you'll be getting depending on which pattie your order.

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