Saturday, 3 July 2010

*Spoiler alert. Will try and not reveal too much so that I won't ruin the movie for everyone*

Bf and me went to watch Knight & Day the other night at e @ The Curve. This was the night where he parked his car in the middle of nowhere. To read about it, click here. Can you imagine if we didn't realise it was not a parking spot? Haha! He would have been blocking the road! LOL!

Anyways, Knight & Day is the new Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz movie. Two of them really look old now compared to their Jerry Mcguire and The Mask days. Ya - did you all know/realise that Cameron Diaz was actually in The Mask! She was the chiq that danced with Jim Carey at the end. Anyways, even though Tom Cruise looked old, he still got quite a yummy body *shy*.  :P

Hehe, anyway, overall a very funny and entertaining movie. More like an action packed chic flick if there is such a thing. There was actually a point where my bf and me didn't know whether the movie was meant to be a serious movie or a parody. Haha! Tom Cruise was portrayed as the psychotic ex-CIA agent who is trying to steal some super canggih technology and sell it to the baddies and Cameron Diaz got sucked into it somehow (something the movie didn't really explain why they did it). Movie was also slightly over exaggerated. Tom Cruise would go out and cause masive destruction to the town/cars/highways etc. and would still be able to come back without a scratch on him. He alone like can take the whole CIA agency down. Haha! But I guess, movies are movies, so shouldn't complain so much. There's bound to be some unrealistic portion to it. So just go and enjoy the movie guys! =)

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