Wednesday, 21 July 2010

*Spoiler (sorta) alert below. Will try and not reveal to much!*

Who can remember the days of Mr. Miyagi?! Who can remember his move of waxing on and waxing off! Haha.. frankly? That's pretty much all I can remember from the original Karate Kid series. LOL! I don't even remember what the storyline was like! :P

The new karate kid featuring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. 

Gone were the days of Mr. Miyagi and is waxing on and waxing off. Now they're into the "putting on and taking off a jacket"! ROFL! What does that mean? Guess you'll have to watch it and find out. Thought the movie was pretty decent. Jaden Smith was a scrawny little kid who just moved to China with his mum after his dad died. Why they moved over - I don't think they mentioned unless I missed that part of the movie out! Haha! had to watch this movie in a span of 2 days because I fell asleep on the 1st day after about 1/4 of the show in... :P

Anyways, he gets into trouble with some chinese kids who knows kung fu and Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) comes to save the day and ends up teaching him how to fight. Have to give kudos to Jaden Smith though. Thought he's acting was pretty good. I don't usually look at acting skills but I guess since he's Will Smith's son, i've kinda got double standards.. :P And he looks absolutely like his father! Pretty cool too that he gets to work with Jackie Chan at such a young age!

Oh! And if you are thinking that this movie is more for kids - guess again! The fight scenes - OMG, the actually looked painful and these kids are meant to be like 12 or something like that! WTF! Should they even be teaching them to bash up other people that hard?! Haha! It gave me the feeling of Ong Bak!! Haha... okay la.. not that 'kua cheong' but somewhere along those lines la.. maybe about 10% of it. LOL! :P

So yea, pretty decent movie. Probably worth checking out if you have the time. =))

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On July 21, 2010 at 9:18 AM , Lish said...

can i borrow ur dvds.... will attempt again to watch a movie in its entirety before falling asleep... :P

On July 21, 2010 at 11:49 AM , Li Yen Lim said...

hekekee.. can can.. =) next time we pass to you.. :D


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