Friday, 23 July 2010

*Spoiler alert*

Haha! Yes - I'm talking about Despicable Me... accidently called it Despica Me the other night when I tried saying it fast and that's me and bf's name for the movie now instead. "It's so fluffy!!" Anyways, managed to book the tickets online the other day on GSC E-Payment which by the way is soo much better and faster! Haha! I ididn't know this e-payment thing existed! It even let us choose our seats when paying! There's an extra RM1 surcharge if you use this service but hey! I think it's worth it if we can avoid the queue! My tme also worth more than RM1! Haha.. Anyway...

This is a story about a supervillain - Gru... well, not quite supervillain because apparently he was quite a fail supervillain - if there is even such a thing :P Anyways, a new up and coming villain comes in to the picture who apparently stole the pyramid and Gru is jealous. He then starts a plan to steal the moon and in between, to make his plan work, he had to go and adopt 3 little girls from the orphanage. Haha! The youngest girl is the cutest! See the clip below and you'll understand!

Haha! Those that come out from the movie can most probably only remember 2 things -  "It's to fluffy!!!" and that they want a minion. Haha! Anyways, with 3 little girls in the picture, perphaps all of you can already kinda figure out what happens in the end. :P

The movie had a good mix of cuteness, evil, sarcasm, and the warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart. =) Won't spoil it anymore for you guys. Just go watch it! It's that good that my bf wants to get the dvd just to keep at home! Hehe.. :D

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