Friday, 30th July 2010

A coupla months back, one of my bf's friends suddenly asked if we were interested in going to watch the World Lion Dance Competition. I was like wtf as first because I didn't even know where was such a thing! And apparently Malaysia has won all championships prior to this! ROFL! Of all things Malaysia beats the whole "world", it's lion dancing! Haha!

Anyways, the competition was held in Genting's Arena of Stars. Tickets costed us RM60 however that allowed us to go for all shows (qualifying and finals). Bf and a few of his friends decided to only go for the finals. Because seriously? Who's going to sit there and watch lion dance for 3 days!!

Anyway, overall I would have to say it was kinda interested. Have not seen a competition of this kind and if you noticed I tagged this blog under sporting events cause I guess it is a sport - right? Malaysia won again this year. At first, bf''s friend told us that part of the score is the "alike-ness" the lion had to a real lion and again I was thinking in my head "wtf... how the hell do you judge that!". But true enough, I saw it with my own eyes, the Malaysian team did have a more life-like lion compared to the rest. However, the other teams, China and all were doing like back flips and stuff and still didn't win! Oh! And the stilts they had to jump on top off! My god they were high! Bf's friend said that the day before, someone actually fell down and broke a leg! *OUCH!*

Anyways, below are just some photos we took of the day. Oh! And speaking of photos! WTF! The host was really 'cheong hei'. EVERY single chance he could get which was in between teams, he would say that flash photography is not allowed and no video taking! Geezz! We get it already! Far out.. :P Just checked the photos I took and they were really not that great. So dissappointing! Haha! So here's just a hand picked few:

Setting of the floor. Check out all the stilts. But thought they were pretty hopesless because only like 2 teams used the bottom right side of the stilts, and another 2 teams used the top right side. Haha! The other didn't even bother!

One of the few photos we took that is actually "clear". LOL! Guess you can guess how bad the other 2 were.

Managed to catch the lion on the screen. This lion looks more like a dog. :P

Check out the tacky lights they put on drums! 

Check out the tacky lights they put on the lion! Haha!

Lastly - just a short clip I managed to get which I am not supposed to. Haha! Don't remember which team this was though because frankly, after a while, all of them pretty much did the same tricks. :P 

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