Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gonna keep this short and sweet because I actually have to try and finish up some work. So anyways, bf managed to score us some tickets to Knight and Day (review to come in different blog) in  e@thecurve. So after work, we headed over. Once we got to the parking lot, P1 was kinda full so he decided to go down to P2 instead. It was kinda empty - so yay! Can park anywhere he wanted (which was close to the entrance). So, he found a park he like and slot himself in. When we got down, he was looking back at the car funny and I was wondering what the hell he was looking at. I turned around and realised he parked at a NON parking lot! LOL! It was actually a LANE to get through the parking area. There was an ARROW underneath his car saying that users can either turn left or right. ROFL! Hahahaha!

The end.

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