Tuesday, 6th July 2010

Should be doing work but had the sudden urge to blog. Somehow felt like I've neglected my blog although I just posted like 3 days ago. Can this be counted as getting into the whole blogging thing?

Anyway, last Saturday afternoon, I just suddenly thought that I haven't seen my friends in a long time, so decided to call them for a last minute dinner and also to hang out after to watch the Germany & Argentina match. Only Mun Yee, Kiok Sinn, and Nicholas could make it though and after much thinking, we decided to go to Jarrod & Rawlins in Damansara. Haven't been here before but we have another friend who apparently really likes this place but couldn't make it for dinner.

For those who know the area, this place is further in from the Manulife building etc. It's actual address is on Lorong Dungun. And again, for those who know the area, they would know that parking there is quite the b*tch and is like a gold mine for the jockey! They freakin' take all the spots by using those cones and won't let anyone else park unless you use them. Grr.. Our car was literally parked like 10 seconds walk away and we had to pay RM5 bucks.

Anyway, when you first go in, the first thing you'll see on the left is a Deli where they sell all sorts of sausages and steaks and pork chops etc. Apparently you can just request them to cook anything you'd like from there. And on the right, there are fridges full or processed stuff like pies etc.

Nick called to book earlier and were indoors but Kiok Sinn suggested that we sit outside in the garden cause apparently the atmosphere is better. There weren't any tables so we had to sit and eat on top of a barrel. Haha! Sounds funny just reading huh? But too bad I don't have a photo of our "table". It had a glass top on top of the barrel of course for those who were wondering.

So we ordered dinner. Everyone had a round of beer while I had my ice lemon tea. Beer was going at Happy Hour price all night because of the world cup so it came to about RM 20 per pint? For the mains,  I ordered a linguine carbonara because I've been craving for pasta for a while now while the bf ordered a pork burger (hmmm.. pork burger and beer - doesn't say much about his diet now huh? :P) Anyways, nick ordered a beef burger while Kiok Sinn and Mun Yee ordered the crispy pork to share because  apparently is supppose to feed 4 ppl.

Photo of bf's burger. It was quite yummy but fries were so-so. But that's most probably because they were not soggy like the way I like my fries. Price: RM24 + RM3 for the cheese.

My pasta carbonara. Quite enjoyed it. Nice and creamy and had real bacon! :P RM24

The crispy pork. Came with Apple and some spicy sauce. Don't even know what it was. Photo taken after about 1/3 of it was eaten. But even then, how could this feed 4 people! RM60 (I think or RM66 - but somewhere along those lines)

Photo won't rotate for some reason. But Kiok Sinn going at his bone which was later brought back for my bf's rottie. 

Didn't take a photo of Nick's burger because besides the different patty, the plate pretty much looked the same like my bf's place. Here are just some other photos for the night. 

Mun Yee & Kiok Sinn

Nicky butt with his new hairstyle. Hehe.. brings back memories from high school. 

Me & bf

And us! =)

By the time we finished dinner, it was about 9pm and we decided to just stay and watch the match. For desert, we all ordered 1 slice of "Death by Chocolate" for all of us to share. Looked pretty yummy in the fridge. But for RM13.50 a slice, which was not very big by the way, it was quite dissapointing. We didn't even finish the cake! And there was 5 of us. Granted Nick didn't eat I think and me and bf were trying not to eat so much. But still! 

Just before the match started, bf ordered another beer! That's like 1k calories in total down the drain just on beer alone! Haha! How to win biggest loser like that?! :P Anyways, the match was pretty erm... let's just say frustrating. I seemed to be the only one supporting Argentina and that didn't help when they Germany scored the freakin' goal at about 3 minutes. WTF man! And to lose 4-0 by the end? That was just embarrassing! They had the player of the year in the team man! At least try and retaliate! But no!!! They just kept letting goals in their way! :S Towards the end, I was seriously quite pissed off. That and also because of something else :P

We left right after the match. Mine and bf's bill came up to about RM120. Quite pricey. The food portions weren't even that big as well. Overall food was not bad but don't think I'll be going back there often. Maybe once in a while cause the atmosphere was pretty good.

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