Friday, 18 June 2010

Sorry! Been MIA on my blog again. No internet at home really does not help. PLUS it's world cup! Haha! But honestly, haven't really been watching much. Kinda stuck in the middle because I'm neither happy in my house or bf's house. Cause when I'm home, I have a TV to watch in the room but because my internet isn't work, it's kinda not fun cause I'm an internet junkie. Whereas in my bf's place, got internet, but no TV to watch IN the room. So yea...

Anyways, teams I'm supporting this year? Japan, Argentina and Germany. However, after Germany's last match against Serbia, I'm really not sure nemore. :S Anyways, reasons as to why I chose those 3 teams? Japan because of my Asian pride. Argentina because I thought they played a really good game against South Korea, and Germany, because they trashed Australia and I couldn't be happier!

Don't get me wrong. I love the country. But when it comes to sports, they one freakin' sore loser country. The last game with Germany? Do you know what they are saying as to why the lost? They are blaming the freakin' balls! WTF! Everyone didn't get the a chance to practice as much as they would like. So, suck it up and admit defeat like men! Grrr! So angry! Crap, there was an article on which my brother manage to find but I can't find it now. They were whining about the Jabulani balls. Will try and get it from my brother and post it up on my next blog.

Till next blog. Laters and Happy World Cupping! =)

*Disclaimer: Image are property and rights of FIFA and am merely using it for decorative purposes.

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