Monday, 28 June 2010

My company actually gave us a Thomas Sabo bracelet last year as a token of our efforts for the year. For those who do not know what Thomas Sabo is, it's a brand that originated from Germany and sells sterling silver accessories from bracelets, to necklaces, to watches, to handphone danglies, to charms. The one which I think they are more known for are their charms because they are quite cute and quirky. When they first arrived, I never knew what the fuss was all about but somehow I have succumbed to the brand and have the sudden need to fill up my bracelet with charms :P. Somehow, it actually gets quite addictive. The dude who came up with this idea was seriously a genius.

It all started when Chris' friends bought me those 2 extra charms to put on my bracelet for my birthday. I got excited and decided to get 2 more as a birthday present to myself to celebrate my coming of age of becoming a quarter century old. So, the extra 2 I got was the letter 'Y' to accompany my 'L' take came with the bracelet when my company gave it to us. And also a green 4 leaf clover for luck! So now, I have a total for 5 charms of my bracelet and I actually think my bracelet is getting quite nice! Hehe.. but they're not cheap. Each charm ranges from RM100 to about RM400 :( So the next one I can probably get is only during Christmas or something - no more splurging. For those who don't know what to get me next time *hint hint* *nudge nudge* LOL! Hehe..

Anyways, photos below for viewing pleasure.

Photo of the 2 extra charms I bought for myself. 

Photo of how my bracelet looks like now =)

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