Sunday, 20 June 2010

A few weeks ago, while sitting in my bf's dining room and flipping through newspapers, I suddenly had a brilliant idea of going to Batu Caves. I thought since I've never been there before in my entire life and me and my bf are on a journey to lose weight, it'd be a good change to do something different! Plus, then at least I can tell my overseas friends that I've been there and I'm a true Malaysian. Or at least tell them what to expect when they ask me about it la... Haha! :P

So anyways, sent out a bunch of msges and managed to get a small group together to go. Got together earlier to get ourselves some McD breakfast and we were off! And since pictures says more than a thousand words, here are some for you guys below! :D

P/s: I'm just lazy to write.. :P

Getting ready to climb.                                    258 steps up! (I think)     

And the journey begins...

View from halfway through the stairs

View of top of the cave and some statues inside

First thing you see when u get to the top of the stairs...

Ke Bin on the way up his 2nd time. 
P/s: He went up and down 4 times! 

The journey down...

Monkey with saggy tits.. :P

Monkey with her baby...

My 200th step! But this was 2nd time round.. So technically it's my 400th step! :P

Me & Kebs on top of the hill...

Dinghy dying after the 2nd time...

Me & bf  =)

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