Tuesday, 29 June 2010

About 2 weeks ago, my bf took me to the Scirocco Cup & Japan GT in Sepang International Circuit. Actually, no wait! Haha! To be correct, Eric took me to the Scirocco Cup & Japan GT. Haha! Cause he had the extra ticket. Not my bf. :P My bf was kinda there for work because he works on the VW account. Eric, on the other hand, managed to get the tickets because he recently just bought a Scirocco! Hehe.. :P

Quite exciting I have to say. Have never been to the Sepang International circuit before and have only seen those races on TV. So yea, something different. Overall? It was just loud and you probably see the cars drive past you for like 2 secs each lap. LOL!

Anyway, day started out be meeting up my house and we headed out to Sepang in 2 cars because Eric had to go somewhere after that. So we headed out - 45 mins drive to Sepang. As we were reaching, there were actually billboards to promote the Japan GT. I never knew that it was such a big thing. Haha! but you're talking to a car dummy here so can't say much :P

Anyway, after about another 10 minutes! We finally arrived!

I met up with Eric to pick up our tickets while my bf went off to park elsewhere because he wanted to get to another carpark which was nearer to the grand stands. He didn't know whether we would be allowed to get into the grand stand because he didn't know what tickets were going to be given out. Anyways, so after picking up the tickets, we just walked aimless inside and finally reached the circuit and actually managed to catch the start of the Scirocco Cup. Not knowing where to go, we stupidly went and sat in the heat at first! It was freakin' hot that day as well. We were so tempted to leave right after the Scirocco cup which was what we went to see. :P

Photo of the start of the cup. =) You see all the glassed up area? That's where the grand stand is. Sheltered and air-conditioned. :S Underneath the glass area, is the pit stop area. 

After the race, I msged my bf to say what kind of tickets we had and only then, did we realise that we were allowed to go to the grand stand and the experience was much better! Haha! It was sooooo much cooler, they gave us freebies, and also there was food! I was starving because I haven't had lunch yet and if not mistaken, I went for a run that morning as well!

Anyways, after we managed to lug our half burst asses over to the grand stand, they actually opened up the pit for people to go see the cars (and girls). I would have loved to go but I was too busy cooling down from the heat and also wouldn't have wanted to fight with everyone down there.

Check out all the people! Photo from above the grand stand and rght opposite where Eric and me were sitting initially.

Can you spot the guy with the "Pit Walkabout" banner? 

Eric & Me enjoying the grand stand. =)

Anyways, after that, we kinda went to check out the "garage" - the area where they kept all the cars when have finished their race. Don't think we were allowed to go there but knowing the "security" in Malaysia, nobody even stopped to ask who we were.

A banged up Scirocco...

The apparently really dressed down GT "queen". Haha! :P

Eric managed to get his photo with the girls. Hehe.. Pretty or not?! Bf says the girl next to Eric is FHM's girl next door. *woot*

Anyways, we headed back to the grand stand just before the start of the Japan GT race. People were actually allowed on the circuit to check out the cars before they started. 

So many people!!

Managed to get a shot of 2 out of the 3 (?) GT queens running back for shelter when the race was about to start

We didn't stay till the end. After a coupla laps, we left. Wasn't going to sit and watch the cars finish like 54 laps! :S So we started to walk back to the car which was quite far away. BUT! we managed to hitch a ride! Check out our ride! :P

And we all managed to fit! LOL! Thank you to our smiley and friendly driver!

All of us, hanging for our lives. The photo of Eric & Michelle was like take 4. LOL! I couldn't get the right angle to take their photo. Bf had to do it in the end. 

Last adventure before we headed home? Bf's car couldn't start! So had to jump start the car. :S

P/s: More photos on my Facebook. Those interested, can go and see. =)

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