Thusday, 10 June 2010

Hey guys! Sorry for being MIA yesterday. Internet at home is not working still and didn't manage to get to bf's place in time to update the next set of contestants. As we speak, I'm updating from the office! Anyhow, will update this weekend! So don't forget to come back to check them out!

For today, gonna make it short and sweet because I want to go home for dinner. I'm having butter crabs btw! :S My favourite of all time! :( I don't care. I'm going to have 1 piece! My boss also just made me realise something. I'm not going to be able to have snacks and watch World Cup at the same time! WTF! Aiyooo.. seriously wrong time to start the challenge. :P

Okay okay! Back to my update.

Adrian and Boon have both started a journal on our Facebook Page. You can check/follow them by clicking on their names if you would like to see their progress. Apparently Mark has been eating junk food (ie. KFC and curry mee with extra char-siew etc) non-stop and have not done anything different. Haha! Wonder what's his strategy? :P

Till next post. Laters! =)

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