Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Since yesterday, it suddenly hit me that there are so many different types of people out there. Sometimes it makes me wonder how can some people be so cruel? Do they not understand the concept of being scared in a totally different and new environment especially if one of their senses had already given way a long time ago? Do they not understand that you should not treat anything or anyone else like that because karma will get back in the butt? You can't toss something after they have been accustomed to certain conditions! On top of that, you still want to buy a new one when you DO NOT even want to take care of what you already have? Is there a point in telling you about anything? You never listen anyway! So what's the point?! All this arguing and complaining back and forth. I'm sick of it! Stop making me the middle person. I do not want to hear it! Just fucking fight amongst yourself now for all I care but LEAVE ME ALONE! And you wonder where I go during weekends? Away from HERE!

I want out! Who needs this place! Gah!

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