Monday, 15 January 2010

So I haven't updated my blog in a week. I had quite a few things I could blog about last week but since it was last week, everything seems old and stale now - ie. not interesting to blog nemore so now I am left with nothing to blog about. =P

Most recent thing that happened would be the GroupM start of the year party. It was held in Sheraton KL. Had to rush there straight from a meeting because the meeting took longer than expected. Oh, speaking of meetings, I went for a meeting on my own last Friday! Whee! =D Was kinda scary cause had to present everything back out PLUS have a brainstorm. But nonetheless, good experience! Hehe! Anyway, back to the party, managed to score myself movie tickets and also some Haagendaz vouchers! Woots! Will wait till I'm feeling better to go and enjoy those with my bf. Hehe!

Erm, keeping this short and simple, no photos and not much else to say. So tata! =D

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