Monday, 11 January 2010,

So my bf decided to take me to a basketball game last Saturday - KL Dragons vs the 'Phillippines Team' - LOL! I don't even know their names. Anyways, his sister managed to get us tickets or rather helped us buy tickets. This would mark the 2nd ever live basketball game I ever went to. The first was in Australia like years ago - Sydney Kings vs. 'I-don't-remember-who'. Haha! And as far as I can remember, I did not think that game was anything extra ordinary. Either that or it was just so long ago that I don't remember anything.

Anyway, so made it to MABA. We were late so by the time we got there, the score was already 24 - 15 or something like that in favour of us. It was a pretty good game actually. The fact that we were leading pretty much the whole time made it even better I guess because the crowd was going wild. At one point (3rd quarter I think) where we were actually tied with the Phillippines, but in the end, we managed to pull away again and winning like 70 something to 50 something (LOL! don't think I'll make a very good reporter huh? Okay okay, I'll go Google the actual score :P). The score was 77 - 59 (See! I was right! Hahaha!)

Anyways, photos below for viewing pleasure:

A picture of their huge banner

Picture of me and bf after the game. A little unclear. Was "trying" to be pro and not use flash and ended up having a grainy photo.. :( Oh wells.

Band for the night. They were pretty good. =)

Captain of the team (I'm guessing) taking interviews after the victory. LOL! I can't even tell you his name because of a few reaons.
1. Swear my bf said that his jersey number was 12 and told me go back and Google his name
2. There's no 12 in the website! LOL!
3. Can't really make him out considering this is only his side profile and for some reason, all of them kinda looked the same in the website. Haha!

 Dude that was estatic when the KL Dragons won or rather was going to win by the time we hit the end of the 4th Quarter. He even started dancing with the cheerleaders!

Oh, speaking of the cheerleaders, they were erm.. a little bit on the erm.. dodgy/not so good side? Haha! Their routines was all over the place!! And they weren't even doing much. Most of the dance moves were the same. Chris' sister even said 1 of them looked like a tranny. Haha! But who am I to judge! If for some reason someone who is reading this is part of the squad - I'm sorry! :P

Last picture. Some dude from the Phillippines. Can't be bothered checking out his name. But Chris' sister and her friends seem to like him, so am guessing he's good? LOL! :P

Anyway, all in all, a pretty good evening. Something I'd never done before since coming back. Think we're gonna catch the next one as well vs. Singapore on 17 Jan.

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On January 11, 2010 at 9:16 AM , Huai Bin said...

Oh you went to watch that game too! I never knew there was a pro basketball team like KL Dragons until I went a couple of weeks ago. :)


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