Saturday, 22 May 2010

So all of you know I went for my 15km run last week organised by Pacesetters and nearly died. I actually had to stop and walk for a bit because I couldn't take it. The weather was freakin hot as well! Anyways, the results are out! Obviously didn't do as well as last year but the route changed a little this year and I thought it was actually slightly harder. Haha! Maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better. :P Anyway, results are as below:

So, overall results were, number 79 out of 296 in my Women's open category. Number 136 out of ALL the women who took part. Unsure of how many there was this year but from the looks of it, I think more than 400 women, and number 786 out of ALL the participants.

Time was 1 hour and 47 mins.. :( BOO! but oh wells, what to do. Din even train much before this. Haih...

Wait a minute! *chup* Chot-toh-ma-teh! Just checked out my post last year and I didn't do as badly as I thought I did! Apparently I finished it in 1 hour 40 mins last year! If I did finish 5 mins before, I would have been almost at the same position as last year! Hmmm... I swore I remember finished at about 1.5 hours.. Oh wells!

Here's a simple analysis between last year and this year. Not that bad! Only a 3% increase in percentile! Hahahahaha! :D

Lastly, remembered sometime ago, I said I should take photos of my medals and see how many I can collect for the year. So here's no. 1 for 2010. Lol! honestly though, don't know how many more I'll be getting this year.. :P Thought the medal looked cool though. Can't remember how last years one looked like though..

                                          Front of medal                                  Back of medal

The other thing that was cool this year was we could actually put a nickname on the bib the year! Thought that was quite cool - at least a step up from just the ordinary bibs. Although I don't think people actually see your nickname.

You know what would have been the coolest? If they actually embroided or plastered our name on the running top itself! Now THAT would be ideal! Hehehe.. :P I've always wanted my very own named jersey! Hehe.. 

Anyway, I guess I'm a happy camper since I found out I didn't do AS badly as I thought I did. Next stop, KL Marathon - Half Mara? Aiyooo.. I scared la. Let me see how first la. Cause I was really dying in this one! Haha! =)

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On May 23, 2010 at 11:13 PM , Mark said...

I think you are still faster than me and the boys combined!


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