Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Today, I am going to be blogging about blogging. Haha! Geddit Geddit?! "Blogging about blogging"??? Hehehehehehe... Okay.. fine. I'm lame. Sorry! This is what happens when you suddenly do not feel the urge to blog nemore. Or rather, do not know what to blog about. I now have the utmost (is that even a word? and if so, is that how i spell it? respect for bloggers who managed to gather like thousands and thousands of readers per day. The amount of work it takes - to come up with stuff to blog about every other day. To take photos of everything and anything and then transfer it to your comp THEN upload it to your blog. It's alot of work! And it takes effort mind you! I always find it hard to find a topic to blog about let alone the time and the effort to do so! How la to increase readership like that! Haha!

But I guess, it's also a chicken and the egg story? When you start, you're just trying to blog about everything and anything in hopes to make your blog more interesting to gain readership and once you do advertisers will come flocking to you TELLING you what to write about. Erm, now that I've written this down, it doesn't seem so much like the chicken and the egg story. Somehow it "looked" different in my head. :P

Also, I feel that blogging is kinda like running. Once you start, you kinda get the hang of it and it kinda becomes a habit and you'll just eventually end up blogging or SOMEHOW managed to find the time to blog. I guess, the 1 week or so absence I had from blogging kinda cut my flow. Which is about the same amount of time I need for my running bug to die out of me. I have a 15 km run this weekend organised by Pacesetters and I nearly died when I woke up to run this morning. Firstly, I was almost falling asleep while sitting up until I forced myself to go. Secondly, I was dying even before I reached the 6km mark! How la to finish 15km this weekend?! Haha! I think I have to find a new hobby soon. :(

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On May 13, 2010 at 9:29 AM , dogbone said...

Think of blogging like taking a dump! If you have something to let out, by all means go ahead. But we don't sched our sessions on the throne, they just come as they do. I think we'd burn out if we sat there waiting for and anticipating the next round.

Just go when you gotta go! :D


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