Monday, 31 May 2010

So me and my friends were deciding where to go to eat for dinner one night and I remembered hearing from my bf's sister that there was a nice pork burger place in Tropicana city mall called Ninja Joe. So we went. It's located on the Lower Ground floor or Tropicana City Mall. The place isn't very big. Probably can only fit about 30 people max. Decor of the place is kinda like a fast food joint-ish so nothing fancy. Don't ask me why they are called Ninja Joe or what it has to do with Ninjas or even it being Japanese. :S

Anyway, this place ONLY sells pork burgers. They have a choice of 6 different flavours - Original, Continental, Sweet & Sour, Black Pepper, Spicy, and Teriyaki.

The more pork burgers you ordered, the cheaper it would get. Check out the discount tier below. We could also order the set which comes with crinkle cut fries and a drink for an extra RM3.50. I was so excited because I LOVE crinkle cut fries (if cooked nicely). There was ONE other pork burger you could order and it this was called "The Big Boss". It only came in original flavour but it came with cheese and egg. 

Anyway, there was 6 of us there first. So we ordered the 6 different flavours, all in a set. Bill came up to about RM45 (if not mistaken). When our order came, we were all very disappointed! The burger was tiny and there was only about 15 chips in each box! The burger tasted normal - nothing to shout about. The chips were bland. Think they forgot to add salt or something. :S I've never had such bad crinkle cut chips before! Speaking of chips, it's making me crave for Australia's Red Rooster's chicken salted chips from Eastwood. *drool*. Anyway, after we were done, most of my guy friends were still hungry and we had to go for a 2nd dinner! We didn't even understand why there were so many people at that place! The queue was all the way OUTSIDE of the shop!

My black pepper pork burger. 

Crinkle cut chips - not even full :S

Anyway, don't think I'll be going back there again. Might as well eat like KFC or McD's. I think way more satisfying than this.  

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On May 31, 2010 at 11:26 AM , dogbone said...

NJ is terrible! :( And Failpaul was actually considering getting in on that franchise.

Tiny, unprofessionally whipped-up-and-packaged burgers with terrible fries to boot. It's as if they're expecting to get a free ride just because they have pork patties! I'm totally expecting their numbers to go downhill once the novelty wears off.

For a less conventional burger, gimme Jackson's anyday!


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