Saturday, 29 May 2010

My birthday this year lasted fora bout a week thanks to my high school friends, bf, colleagues, bf's friends and uni friends! :D

Anyways, celebration started with friends from high school. Got an sms from Mun Yee asking whether anyone was up for dinner (this was for the Sunday before my b'day). So we decided to just go to Betty's in Aman Suria. We were suppose to meet up at about 8pm and at about 6ish, my friend msged me suddenly to say that she couldn't make it to celebrate my b'day with me. ROFL! Haha! So my surprise kinda died. I seriously didn't think they would celebrate early for me. Anyhow, when we got there, Betty's was closed  because they haven't tried it before but when we got there, there was a sign that said that they had to close for a coupla of days because something in the kitchen was not working properly. We ended up going to Frontera's in Jaya 1. Anyways, some photos from the night:

Chocolate banana cake! Cake no. 1 for the year. 

Mun Yee & Kebs dunno thinking about what? Hehe.. :P 

Me & bf =)

Lastly, group photo for the night. =) 

Then, came my b'day. Bf managed to take a day off so he told me to take one too. It was a nice relaxing day. It was also like a little break for the week (since it was on a Wed). We went out, had lunch, then went to watch Ip Man (finally!) and in the morning too! When was the last time ANY of you went for a morning/afternoon show. Haha! Felt weird after that when we came out. Anyways, then walked around for a bit and ended up at home just chilling. =) 

Then, it was the next day at work. I went to work as usual. Had a sudden urge of erm the No. 2 so I went to the toilet. Next thing I knew, when I got back, there was a cake sitting in front of my table with candles all lit already and almost half gone. Haha! Anyways, had to try and blow the candles off while I was standing on my chair and my boss turning me around. :P Din get any photos thought. Didn't think to bring my camera. Cake was not chocolate banana but it was similar just without the bananas in there. 

Then, on Friday night. Bf said that he had made reservations for us in a Japanese restaurant in uptown. It then turned out to be another surprise party with his friends and sister! Wheee! :D Food was decent. Portions really small though. But again, didn't bring my camera so couldn't take any photos for the night. They had this voucher thing that if they ate more than RM400 worth, we could get RM200 off! Pretty good rite?! Anyway, then had my 3rd cake for the year - chocolate banana! =) They even bought me presents which I really didn't expect. So thank you very much! You know who you guys are!! :D 

P/s: Will post photos of all the things I got later in 1 go.

Lastly, met up with my uni friends. Haven't seen them in the longest time! We went for dinner at a place called Ninja Joes in Tropicana City Mall (review in another blog and will try not to say much in this one - Hehe) and then the original plan was suppose to go down to KL to club since we haven't done that in a while. But after dinner, I kinda got lazy. :P I actually wanted to just go watch a movie after that but Ian really wanted to drink so we ended up in Library at The Curve. They freakin' ordered 2 flamings for me that night. I came home and pretty much ko-ed. Hadn't drank in such a long time let alone puke it all out. Haha.. Anyways, overall to sum up, good night! Really miss my clowns from Sydney! Photos from the night below (only selected few - to see all, they're on Facebook)

Us at Ninja Joes

Sohai & Si Heng at Ninja Joes

Me & bf

Mel, Wee Keat, & Me - NOT at Ninja Joes (again, story saved for next blog)

My second flaming for the night. Shared it with Ian and Nick.

The 3 drunk monkeys. Haha! Looking at this photo just reminded me of a story. Eric was drunk too! And he only had like 1 cup or something. Anyway, as we were leaving, you know the horse right in the front door of the library?? ROFL! he kept bending over trying to check out whether the horse was a male or female. Then he kept on trying to stick his fingers in the nostrils. Haha! 

Now it's time for presents! I haven't taken all yet. Got a few more which I will post up next time also. Partly because I left one of them in the office. Boo! :P 

First - flowers from my bf on the night we had Japanese dinner. =) First time he gave me flowers! :D :D

Thomas Sabo stuff from bf's friends!

The feather charm to commemorate your becoming part of their twisted little tribe

A devil- pig to remind you to go nuts and have fun every now and then. =)

From HL, LM, ML, MT, PC, BK, MW, and AT =)

Thanks again! :D

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