Sunday, 5th September 2010

Filler post! Realised my Cambodia post is going to take a while so thought I should keep you guys entertained with other stuff first.

Was at my bf's place yesterday and we were out of DVD's to watch. So he put on an old one which I hadn't watched before - Mamma Mia! The Movie. Starring (and headed by) Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and a couple more.

The movie was adapted based on the actual musical with additional music added and composed into it by an ABBA member - Benny Andersson, who actually makes a small appearance on the movie. The movie is about how Sophie (Amanda Seyfield), a 20-year-old bride-to-be, wanting to look for her real father and therefore sets out to send 3 invitations to 3 men whom she thinks has the most possibility based on reading her mother's journal. 

And of course, like all musicals, songs kinda breakout about every 10 minutes but this movie managed to do it really nicely in a sense that they somehow could always tie back the song to the actual scenario they were in. Plus, it's ABBA songs! How can you not like them! I was pretty much singing to them (at least the ones I know) everytime they bursted out into a song. At the end of the movie, I actually wanted to download their album of songs! Haha!

Anyways, only downfall of this movie? *Faint* Just thinking of it now seriously makes me wonder what the producers/casters, etc were thinking! You could be wondering what could be that bad? Let me tell you - Piece freakin' Brosnan! WTF! He was just there for.. god knows what. All he did was butcher ALL their songs by singing as though he had something shoved up his butt or singing through his nose. He sounded like a freakin' frog. It was just BAD! And to hear him next to all the big time broadway actors, the difference was just .... woah.. let's just say, how can he not be shy or at least self conscious  about his singing! Aiyo! They could have found someone so much better! Ewan McGregor or even made Colin Firth the main star instead of him! It was just bad bad bad! 

Don't get me wrong guys. The movie was awesome. It was set in a little private Greek island so the setting was superb. Storyline and how they meshed up the songs together were great. The singing/songs were enjoyable but when it came to Pierce Brosnan singing, I felt like taking a knife and stabbing it into my heart! LOL! Haha.. like damn qua cheong.. but seriously.. for those who haven't watched it.. please go and tell me what you guys think.

Other random facts I found out about this movie (because my bf has seen it like a million times cause he likes this movie and he went to read up about it) are:
1) They managed to finish filming the movie in 1.5 months
2) How they do that so fast? Since they were mostly broadway actors, apparently even if they had a slight misqueue, the actors/actresses managed to ad lip and carry on which I thought was pretty cool
3) Meryl Streep did a whole song with just 1 take! And that song was definitely not an easy one to do

okay! I'm done complaining about Pierce Brosnan. Haha! Go watch the movie guys! =)

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