Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Was sitting around on my bed thinking of what to blog about and I suddenly just realised that it has been more than a year since I started this blog. What started off as just a blog to commemerate me coming back and having as little as 1 - 5 blogs per month to now having about double or more then that amount! Haha! What has changed? Plenty! A quick rundown below:

1) Found myself a job in a media company called GroupM - finally something not boring like Accounting! Sorry che and ko (if you read this)! Haha! :P
2) Found myself a whacky boss who works in GroupM (photo below). Although, do have to mention that I think I am lucky in that sense. I think it is very hard to be able to find someone you are able to work with and still have a good time. =)

3) Finally someone I can rant, throw tantrums, and whine at and at the same time try and get lovings from.. Hehe.. :P

4) Had a H1N1 scare. Apparently the whole company was actually thinking of closing cause of me.
5) Moved into a new place - one where I will not post a picture of due to security reasons
6) Officially became an aunt - will post pictures soon =) Have not seen the little fella myself!
7) Ran 2 half marathons and various other shorter runs! Can you believe that?! Actually took a few photos of my medals but probably deleted them after I blogged about it because didn't find a point to keep photos of them. But think will start a taking photos of ALL my medals and see how many I am able to collect by next year! :D

So yea, that's about the most exciting things that has happened to me in the past year. Looking forward to many more exciting things! *fingers crossed* Hehe..

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On April 28, 2010 at 3:02 PM , steph said...

Those are some good milestones woman!! This inspires me to think of my own (if any) :P


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