Saturday, 24 April 2010

Woke up at 11ish this morning when my mum decided to start banging on my door only to tell me that my sister wanted to eat Indian rojak. :S Normally I would be peeved if someone just kept banging on my door like that but considering it was already close to noon, I thought it would have been good to be woken up. Was actually up at like 8ish but thought to myself "i'll sleep for a bit more" and the next thing I remember was jumping out of bed cause my mum was making noise.

Anyways, so I got ready. Left the house with me and my mum to pick my sister up and off we went to try and look for the yummy indian rojak. TRY being the keyword as I was first brought to this place by my bf and knowing me and roads (although we've been back there a few times), I still wasn't sure. Sis fell in love with the rojak after I decided to buy a packet of the roajk back for her to try one day. :P

Anyhow, we managed to find it! So where's this yummy place? It's in Section 17 somewhere (that helps huh? :P) where 2 vans just decided to open up shop (really it's just 2 trucks/vans). But fear not! I have taken a photo of the road name! :P

The 2 vans/trucks who decided to open at the corner of this road have been doing quite well. Unsure of how long they've been there though. :P

We bought 8 packets of rojak! Can you believe it?! It was 2 households though.. but still! And 2 packets of Cendol. That's cause we wouldn't be able to finish a cendol by ourselves after the rojak but we still wanted a taste of their yummy cendol. :P 

Picture of my sister ordering Cendol from the cendol man. 

And a picture of the rojak man.

Lastly, a happy picture of her when she got her cendol order below :P 

And picture of the rojak below.

P/s: This was not my plate of rojak. Had finish mine only to realise that I forgot to take a picture again! There is more yummy peanut sauce than this. :P 

*Mental note to self - Stop gobbling all my food down before taking a photo*

So full now so I think it's time to sleep? Hehe.. 

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