Been wanting to blog for the past few days but somehow I always end up doing something else. Hehe.. Anyway, here I am now.. =) Something for my dear friend to read once she gets back from OBS! Haha!

For those who don't know, I turned the BIG 2-4 on the 19th of May. There wasn't any big celebrations but it was still a good one! :D Got plenty and plenty of msges wishing me me "Happy Birthday". My boss paid for my lunch, my department bought me a cake (chocolate banana - yum yum!! Haven't had that in a while) PLUS decorated my table!! And lastly went for dinner with friends - nice food and great company! Here are some of the photos from the night:

Me and BK were told to look happy.. we ended up looking crazy! LOL.. :D

Group photo without Nick. Thanks for the photo Nick!

BK looking ravishing, Mun Yee, Kebs trying to act cute, and Nick at the back.

Me and the Ah Pek - LOL!

Speaking of chocolate banana cake, I think the last time I had it was probably back in high school and maybe ONCE a coupla years back when I was for holiday. I got scared of the cake after one auspicious year where me and my friend celebrated our birthdays together. His birthday was on the 18th of May. If I was not mistaken, this took place in Form 4 where secret recipe just came out and it was the craze and hype of the time. Everyone was buying cakes from there if there was any sort of occasion and everyone bought the chocolate banana cake because it was so yummy! That year, we decided to get my friend (BK) one of those cakes. We forced a big portion of it down his throat because it was kinda of a tradition where the birthday boy/girl gets the biggest slice. As for me, I loved the cake so much, I just decided on my own free will to cut a slightly bigger piece for myself. The next day, my friends thought that it would be funny to buy the exact SAME cake to celebrate my birthday! Because they themselves were sick of the cake, they decided that me and BK (since his b'day was the day before) should have a QUARTER (I shit you not - it was a QUARTER of the cake) of the cake EACH while everyone else shared half the cake, which by the way they didn't finish while everyone MADE us finish ours. Me and BK got so sick after that, that I don't think he's even had a slice of the cake since. =)
The past 2 days has been a totally different and exciting experience. 

Yesterday I finally finished my FIRST EVER 15km run! I was pretty impressed by myself! I thought I would die after like 10km because that's the most I've ever trained for but I didn't! In fact, during the race, I was pretty pumped! Haha! I finished in about 1 hour 45 mins I think (unofficially). The best thing was my legs didn't feel like they were going to drop off after that nor did it feel like it was paralyzed today! WOOT! and double WOOT WOOT! :P So, I guess half mara is my next target?! Far out, but 21k is like a totally different ball game! That's like 6km extra! I don't know if I can do it. But everyone says that once u can do a 15km, you can do the 21km - first because the route is going to be alot flatter; second, you get 100 plus instead of water at the water stations PLUS u will get sponges to wet yourself; and lastly, you get more distraction in the middle of it (ie. bands playing, cheerleaders cheering etc.) So yea, let's see how that goes! It at the end of June! :D You guys should do it too! If I can run the 15, everyone can!! :D Below is the website, go check it out! 

The other excitable thing is I started my new job today! Woohoo!  Met the people today! Awesomely nice!! They even took me for a welcome lunch at Secret Recipe! Young, energetic and funny bunch! Didn't do much today. Met with the HR. Filled in more forms. Did some reading up - have ALOT of reading up to do. Need to keep myself more up-to-date with the ins and outs in Malaysia now! I felt kinda outdated when I got there! Haha.. :D Hopefully I do well and they don't kick me out! 

On a random note, I just found out that I have a freakin' mosquito bite on my chin! grrr... Oh and also I think I will try and post more photos. I think photos make blogs exciting rather than just a bunch of words. Wait till I get my camera back! :D Till next time, laters! :D

Currently Listening : Looping songs from iTunes which currently has 179 songs - 1/3 of which could possibly be Wang Lee Hom songs followed by Lin Jun Jie's songs! Btw, he's pretty good as well! If you need me to recommend any songs, ask me! :D

I didn't have to go to work today - FINALLY! Do you want to know why? Haha! Dad went overseas for work this morning! LOL! Hey, in my defense, I had already finished all my work PLUS had sent it over to the lady in charge this morning as well for further review! :D Hanged-out with sista for a bit in the morning till about 2pm then went off to MidValley with Mun Yee to watch Wolverine! It was not bad I have to say. I always like meeting new and interesting characters/mutants. Plus, my friend was right. There were far too many eye candy in the show. Haha! Let's make this little entry a teeeny weeeny bit more interesting and let's all take a little poll! Which of the two below do you think is hotter? Hehe!

   Ryan Renolds                                                                      Daniel Henney

Besides that, my brother-in-law (BIL) just recently bought a new golden retriever puppy! He brought it home today! Here's a picture of the little one! Isn't he adorable?!

This little fella, although small, can really bark and howl! He wouldn't stop barking when we put him in the cage to sleep. I'm guessing this little must miss his brothers, sisters, and parents. Poor thing. He hasn't been names yet. Do you guys have any suggestions?! The 3 names I suggested were Milo, Gizmo, and Mogwai! Haha! Don't know if they are actually gonna use it though. 

Currently listening: Wang Lee Hom - Xin Tiao

Am currently at dad's office now doing absolutely nothing =). My original plan was to not come to work because I only have 1 more week till I actually start work and I thought I wanted to take it easy - go out and have fun. But this morning, when I asked my dad if he had work for me, he answered in a very harsh manner saying "why not?!?!" but then subsequently said that when I come in I don't do any work at all. Exactly why there's no point in me coming in right?!! Gahh! I was sooo angry when he said that but I thought "FINE! I'll come in and see what there is for me to do. Try and finish up what I have and just hand it over to someone". But NO! everything is still freakin' pending! So for the past 2 hours, I have just been sitting here doing NOTHING!! I'm even more angry now if you guys don't realise! So, I guess that's why I'm here. 

Apart from giving my dear friend something to do (you know who you are - I think) by reading my blog, I thought I'd unleash my anger in here. *roarrrrrr* Haha.. 

Oh btw, before I forget. What does everyone think about the new layout?! Haha.. took me ages to pick one! And I'm still not sure because there was like freakin' thounsands of layouts I could choose from. Give me your opinions! :D Thanks in advance! 

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. Alot of things have happened since then. Some good, some bad, some I don't know what to do.

My "good" thing would be going to the Lee Hom concert! I have now officially gone head over heels over him. I've downloaded all of this most recent albums dating back to 2001 (I think - can't remember now). I have googled images of him and even created a little album on Facebook just about it. I have also youtube'd him the whole night! Haha..

The concert was SOOOO good! The sound was good, the effects was good, the music was good, his voice was good, his face is even better! Haha! It's one of those concerts where you know he's not lip-synching because he changes the tunes and tempo to some of his songs! He played the guitar, violin and the piano! Omg.. I nearly died when he came out with the Violin! Oh! I nearly died when he was playing the piano and singing the songs I really loved as well! Gah.. screw it! I just nearly died the whole concert! hahaa.. :P I would have put a picture of his concert poster but I thought that picture wouldn't do him justice as to how good looking he is! Haha.. Oh yeah, he had like 4 HUGE ASS portable LED screen which they focused on him pretty much 70% of the time I think? They would also create different effects on the screen! Gah! All in all, just a super good concert!

Oh, I have to quote one of my friend's sayings during out crazy aftermath of the concert. You guys might not think it's funny but it really cracked me up so bad when I read it. So, I was just talking to my friend who went with me to the concert abt all the crazy stuff we've been doing for the past coupla days (everything Lee Hom) and out of the blue she says this "we were not even major fans before this!!! now it's like we've converted into another religion!" HAHAHAHA..! This other quote was when I told her I found this chiq who blogged about going to the Lee Hom after party but didn't/couldn't take a photo with him due to some reasons I can't remember. She then said this, "Shit! I'm going to attack him if I see him!" LOL! tsk tsk.. violent chiq isn't she?! Haha...

Oh, and lastly, I got offered a job today. Something I wouldn't mind doing for once! The pay isn't good.. it's quite low actually but at least it's a start into what I would like to try and do! Apparently the pay will go up after probation as well! So yea! It's for a media firm doing digital advertising? Haha.. I've told my parents SOOO many times what I'll be doing that I can't be bothered typing it here again now. I'll give you guys more details when I start working! I actually had another interview with another company but that company has been screwing me over to many times that I seriously can't be bothered waiting anymore. What if I don't get the job in the end? Although that company does have a better package.. *shrugs* meh.. i can't do anything now.. already accepted the 1st one.. and I'll be starting on the 18th! I better enjoy the last few days of freedom!

Eyes are closing on me. Feel kinda lethargic.. Haha, think it was from my run in the evening! Did 9kms today! Woohoo!! but still not enough. I have a 15km run next weekend!! Wish me luck! :D Nite everyone.. =)

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