Haha! After so many years/months of not blogging in my Xanga, I have decided to try my hand again in blogging. This time, here - on blogspot because what was said in Xanga, should stay in Xanga. Now, let's see how long this can last eh? Hehe... Why I decided to start blogging? I think cause I was bored and I just really wanted to type or say stuff. Does anyone get that feeling? Haha.. Like sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I would randomly email my friends even though there's not really much to say. I would do it just for the sake of having something to do. LOL! So, I guess this kinda reflects on how "informational" my blog will turn out eh? Haha.. 

Quick updates about me? Well, for those that don't know, I have moved back to Malaysia. Kinda had a job lined up but due to current economic conditions that fell through. Been trying to apply for jobs on jobstreet (don't even get me started on this. I think I can do a WHOLE blog just on how ridiculous it is) but that isn't really working either. So, am now working (or at least trying to work) for my dad while kinda looking for a job (not actively), and if I do get one - congratulations to myself. But if not, I will be thinking of going to China to brush, or should I say LEARN up on my mandarin for about 6 months! Hehe...

I have been back since mid of Jan. From then until now, I think I have spent maybe half my time travelling. I have been to Thailand over the Chinese New Year, US - New York and also the UK - London (for 2 days) for personal family matters. I will be leaving for Singapore tomorrow morning and won't be back till Monday! *Woots* 

Hmm.. I think that's basically the gist of what has been happening. More to come after my trip I guess! :D 

Good night!

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