Tuesday, 29th May 2012

Thought I should blog about this story just so that I can look back and remember all the funny/good memories next time. So here's what happened...

Last Friday, Chris took me out to Jake's to celebrate my belated birthday. After dinner, we tried to catch a movie but as it was a Friday night, there were no movies available. So we ended shopping instead. All expense paid so far were all in cash -  we were running low and knew that we needed to get to the bank. 

The next morning, we headed to Thean Hou temple to go and book a date for our registration. As the lady was going through our documents, she handed us a slip of paper which confirms our date and time. It also included a RM80 registration fee. Me and Chris looked at each other and stoned for a while. We then opened up our wallets to check how much money we had. Halfway counting, I looked up at the lady and asked, "do you take credit card?" and she just shaked her head slowly and looked at me with a frown on her forehead as though as I was joking. 

So me and Chris pulled out all our notes - we had RM76 bucks in notes! I then had to scramble for coins and guess what? There was JUST ENOUGH! After paying, I literally had 30 cents left in my wallet!! :P The best part was? When we arrived at Thean Hou temple, there was an option to park by the side of the road, or park like 50m nearer in the parking lot. Chris decided to park in there which costed us RM3! Haha! 

Oh! And there was a tau foo far shop outside the temple as well which we were contemplating on buying to eat! Thank god we didn't! If not, we definitely would not have enough money to pay to register! Haha! Talk about getting my priorities right huh? Enough money to have steak at Jakes and shop but not enough to pay to get registered! Hahaahaha!

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