Friday, 16th March 2012

So, I said I would blog about my proposal. Here it is. Before I start, I need to establish a few short stories. All of which all happened the week before the proposal:

Story No. 1
Chris' dad's car had broken down the week before.

Story No.2
One of Chris' friend had started going out with a chic recently and had asked me where me and Chris used to go when we first started dating. I thought he was fishing for ideas on places to bring the chic. 

So, it was the weekend of the proposal. It was also one of Chris' friends wedding on that Saturday weekend. They had some friends coming in from Australia and NZ. So he told me (a coupla days before the wedding) that there was going to be dinner on Sunday to catch with them before they went back. So, I was like okay. He was even discussing with me where to go etc. 

So the day after the wedding, after lunch, he then told me that he had to go and take his dad's car in to the workshop and told me that he couldn't teman me. So I was like fine (still not suspecting anything). After lunch, I just went to my sister's place to chill out. The one thing I realised was that he kept calling during the day to see where I was and what I was doing. But somehow, nothing clicked. He told me dinner was at about 7, so all I had to do was get back to his house at about 6.30 and then we'll go to dinner. I arrived slightly later that evening. 

But when I got back to his place, he was already quite anxious. The first thing he told me was that we were late which I admittedly thought in my head. He then told me that one of his friends' car broke down at the park! Immediate thought to my head was - omg, did his friend bring his chica to the park? I was smiling with glee because I thought I was gonna be able to catch the 2 in action.. :P So we hurried out. He kept saying saying that we were late and we'll quickly go pick him up and go straight to the restaurant. Before we left the house, I was even smart enough (or at least I thought I was) to ask if he needed jumper cables. But he said no, and said that we'll come back after dinner to get his car. 

Before I go on again, think I'll need to explain how the park is structured. It's a park where it kinda has 2 levels. So there was this quite long flight of stairs down where there was a tennis court and also a football field. Anyway, so we park. I got out of the car and asked, where is he? Bf answered, maybe he's down there. Again, i was like ok. So I walked to the top of the stairs. And there I saw, ALL my friends and HIS friends standing below, holding signs. 1 said "Will You Marry Me" and 1 more said 'just do it"! I was in shocked! I remember staring at the signs for the longest time! I guess, just wondering whether this was really happening! When I turned around, I already saw him on 1 knee! And asked me to marry him! 

What did i do? I smacked him first! Calling him stupid! Haha! For not telling me to dress nicely! Mind you, I was just wearing a normal t-shirt and a denim skirt and hadn't showered for the day cause I was thinking to myself, I'll just shower after the dinner cause it was not like the place was very fancy. But, I guess, after that, i nodded and everything was done! 

So? What happened behind the scenes?

1. He had already asked my parents for my hand in marriage like 4 months before
2. He did not go and help his dad with the car. He was actually making signs at home with his friend all afternoon.
3. The friend was obviously not there with his chica and was not asking me those questions for himself. The friend and bf were discussing where was the best place to do the proposal and wanted to see if there was any other places which was special to us which maybe my bf left out. There was none btw. :P 
4. Apparently while bf was on his knees, he had like a whole speech which I did not hear. The only thing I heard was the most important question.

So there it is! My bf proposed to me, on the 15th of January 2012!

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On March 22, 2012 at 2:42 PM , ~niCoLe~ said...

Awww..... So sweet.... So happy for both of u... can't wait for the big day!


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