Wednesday, 14 March 2011

First and foremost, I just wanna thank everybody who is still reading this even without me prompting on Facebook that I have updated my blog. I know I have once again left this blog hanging but once again, am going to try and update this as often as I can! It's been pretty hectic the last coupla months.

So whats been up? Let's see...

There was Christmas, then it was New Year. Then my little niece gave birth! And I went to Australia again for my friends wedding. At the same time, my other niece was born - yes, I now have 1 nephew and 3 nieces! Last but not least, the most important out of all the events that happened... I GOT ENGAGED!

For those who are reading this, should already know the story so am not going to bother even re-capping. Hmm.. but just thought about it, that's what this blog is for right? If it's not to keep memories, then what? Guess I'll do a separate blog just for it. And will try and do it soon so that the story is still fresh in my head. 

Anyway, so now wedding is going to be in August. So quick some people might say? Let me know announce it here to the 2 / 3 people who is reading this - NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT! If I was, you would be able to see it in August! :P But yes, why so quick? Again, another long story! LOL! But to cut short? It's due to my Australian PR, and I might have a chance of going back to Australia by end of the year. So yea.. :( 

So since I barely have less than 5 months to plan, I have since, managed to meet with a designer and CONFIRM what kind of dress I want with her. Will go back in 2-3 months for first fitting. Kinda decided on the venue - we just need to confirm the booking by actually paying the first round of deposits. We have bought 1 wedding band - mine! :P And it's very pretty! Will most likely get the fiancee's one tomorrow or the day after. And that's pretty much it? Does that mean i'm screwed guys? Haha!

Anyway, it's getting late. Will update more later! =) 

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