19 September, 2011

Was at work today and it was friend's birthday. Started to ask her how she was going on celebrating her b'day and how she should have taken a day off just to rest and relax and not be at work. Friend went on to say that she felt old and for some strange reason, I always thought that she was younger than me. What follows would be best told in a dialougue format to make sure I captured the essence of the conversation right.

Liyen: Har? Old? How old are you? I think I'm older than you!
Friend: I'm 26. You?
Liyen: Oh, 26 this year? I'm 25 this year. Means you're older than me.
Friend: Oh.. so born in 1986?
Liyen: No.... 1985! Wait! OMFG! does that men i'm 26 too?! OMG!! WTF!


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